Angel 25



When Steve and I first met and he told me that he had served in Afghanistan as a helicopter pilot, he immediately gained my respect. Getting to know this kind, compassionate and caring man over the past six months has certainly cemented that respect. He told me that he had written a book about his experiences in war, but had not shared his writings. I encouraged him to start a blog. I believe that blogging is not only a means of creative expression, but can also be very therapeutic, which I learned as I blogged my way through cancer.

Steve took my advice and started to share his stories on Go for Shakedown. His blog contains many powerful stories, such as seeing innocent children being used by the Taliban as body shields and witnessing the stoning of a teenaged girl. The short story which I would like to share with you on this Remembrance Day is perhaps a soldier’s worst fear, leaving memories that will haunt them for many years. As you read this story, please pause a moment to give thanks for the many men and women who served our country, and send a prayer to the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives in this service.

Click HERE to read Steve’s story.

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