My Unicorn

“You have 2 sons and a daughter, you say? Hey, me too!”


“Your kids are age 19, 17 and 14? Cool. Mine are 19, 17, and 10!”


“Your second son has autism? No way! Mine too! What are the odds?”


“You were born on January 23, 1967? That is uncanny. I was born on January 28, 1967!”


“You are a helicopter pilot who served in Afghanistan? GET OUT OF HERE! I am completely turned on by pilots and soldiers!”


“You are currently dating someone, you say? Hmmmmmmmm………That could be problematic. But I need you to understand something. I WILL have you, Steve.”

Three months and approximately one thousand, two hundred and seventy-five selfies later, and we are the most sickeningly, happy couple you will ever meet.


After my last relationship ended in  March, my mother advised that I take a break from romance for a while. While it is sound advice, let’s face it, I am 48 years old with the threat of a cancer recurrence constantly yapping at my heels.   I don’t have time to waste! Besides, guys like Steve are unicorns.   Women dream about finding the perfect guy like we dream about finding a unicorn. Both are mythological creatures, or so I used to think.   But this guy is so perfect for me, it is like I have finally found my unicorn!

Steve and I first met in May, and since then it has been a whirlwind of love, romance and adventure.   Here are some of the highlights:

pic 11


Chasing rainbows in the Rockies.

  • pic 10
  • Feeling groovy in Golden, B.C.

pic 8


Parlez vous Francais?  In St. Pierre et Miquelon.

pic 7

On top of the world, Signal Hill, Newfoundland

pic 6

Acting a little silly on George Street, St. John’s.

pic 4


Busted flat in Baton Rouge.

pic 12

Hunting gators in Lafayette, Louisiana.

pic 3

Getting “hurricaned” on Bourbon Street, New Orleans.  (Let’s just say, I woke up with no skin left on my knees.)

I am forever grateful for my good health and the opportunity to create such beautiful memories which I will cherish for a lifetime.  However, as my summer of self-indulgence comes to a close, I also look forward to putting my focus and energies back on the three who always were and always will be my real true loves, Kaitlyn, Donovan and Ben.  After all, it’s not all about ME!

I am one proud and lucky mama!

pic 13

22 thoughts on “My Unicorn

  1. Everything has to happen as it does to bring to where you are today…and as I read your post …that seems to be a very beautiful place. So so happy for you Florence!

  2. Yes my dear, it was mid May when I looked across the intense blue Atlantic Ocean of Torbay. It was a brilliant clear sunny day, an amazing iceberg was steeling the show of the tourists and passerby’s from the observation cliffs of Middle Cove. However, in my eyes, a more intense flash of ice-berg white captured my vision. Your smile.

    We exchanged and bantered for a few weeks. We drew upon many personal and life commonalities. And more than that, our attitudes and perspectives were also entwined. I kept wondering if this was going to be for real. You’re so far from me but so close. Music came over the radio, I shazamed and shared with you. I expressed my concerns. You answered:

    “Just relax, let’s enjoy this summer so for now. So just ‘Shut Up and Dance with Me’ Steve.” I chuckled and was captured then and there.

    I will always remember the challenges of a first date with you. Yes! Challenges! Just to get close enough I had to meet cousins, daughters, and friends just to get close enough to say hi. But it was totally worth it.

    “So you’re going to be in Calgary the same time I’ll be back home in Edmonton?” I enquired.


    “Do you have a couple of days to yourself we can cross paths?”

    “Sure, the Sunday-Monday.”

    “Why don’t I kidnap you Sunday, show you a few sites in Calgary, and the mountains and I know a few beautiful places towards Golden and Invermere if you want to hang-out for a day or two?”

    “That’s not hanging out, Steve!…I’ve never been to BC!…That’s a honeymoon!” You chuckled. I could feel your smile through the texts.

    “Okay, call it what you want”. I remembered smiling right from my toes as I verified your interest.
    “Are you in?’


    “I must warn you that I kind of get side-tracked and veer from the beaten path quite often. It kind of annoying at times.”

    “Sounds fun, Steve….a little ADD are you.? You assessed and giggled.

    “If you remember the loveable dog, Doug from the movie UP….that’s sort of like me.”



    “Alright, lets go squirrel around BC a bit and see what happens”.

    And from there my dear, you have been a wonderful loving friend, partner. I have enjoyed this short time together very much. It has been so easy. I look forward squirrelling around lots more with you. BUT, I’m no unicorn dear…you’re the precious Unicorn. “So Shut Up and Dance with Me.”

  3. Looks like you have had an amazing summer I have been following your travels on face book and wondered who this guy was, you live every day to the fullest and are an inspiration. Best wishes to you both!

  4. Steve
    Florence has waited for someone like you a lifetime and thinking that fairy tales are only on Disney movies. Thank you for making this lady smile again.
    I have to add the fact that I am attracted to pilots as well even the ones that deliver food in isolated communities hehe.

  5. Awwww 🙂 I love reading your blogs. How happy for u both. Your an amazing woman and u deserve the best of the best.
    Everything happens for a reason 🙂

    As I’ve learned in the last few weeks.

    Hugs and all the best in your new adventures.

  6. June. Thanks. Food to remote areas? Whats your coordinates?

    April. She does deserve the best of the best but in the meantime, for as long as I can, Im going to do a good job tricking her. Sshh!

    It has been a divine and surreal
    Summer. Enjoying some grounding time so we can plan for fall and winter! 😝

  7. Oh Florence, I’m so happy for you. Big huge grin on my face, grateful that you’ve shared for you give me hope. Truly. Great timing for me to read today especially. Thanks. I’m glad there are men out there like Steve. ♥


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