The Ghostly Christmas Visitor!

In this week’s post, I have a true story to share with you.  It is something that recently happened to my parents, Len and Madeline Strang, who live in Lawn, Newfoundland. It’s not for the faint of heart, so I would advise that only the bravest of the brave proceed to read this.


Len and Madeline, a.k.a. Mom and Dad

The Ghostly Christmas Visitor

Twas a month before Christmas

When all through the Strang’s house

Not a creature was stirring

Except for one little mouse.

Len’s long johns were hung by the bedside with care

With hopes that Madeline’s knickers, soon would be there.

But Madeline was snoring, as happy as that,

So they both settled down, for a long winter’s nap.

When all of a sudden, there arose such a clatter,

Len sprung to his feet, to see what was the matter?

“Something just touched me!” Madeline said with a fright.

“It was nothing”, Len said, “Go to sleep and Good Night!”

In a very short while, Len’s eyes opened wide,

“Something touched me too”, he said with a sigh.

All through the night, the haunting took place

With ghostly fingers caressing their toes to their face.

In the morning light, they were took by surprise

For looking right at them was a pair of mouse eyes.

“Good Fripse!” Len shouted, as he made a great clout.

But the Christmas mouse clamoured, until he got out.

“A mouse in the house, I will not have it,” he said

So he set the traps all around the house and under the bed.

To the sound of a squeal, Madeline later arose

And saw the Christmas mouse trapped, by one of his toes.

“It’s a sin to kill it, but Len must not know,”

She whispered as she released him on the fresh fallen snow.

So if ever in your travels you meet a limping little mouse

It might be the one evicted from Len Strang’s house.

Madeline has taught a lesson for one and for all,

We are all God’s creatures, whether great or small.

To live out our lives, we all have the right,

So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!










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10 thoughts on “The Ghostly Christmas Visitor!

  1. Loved reading about your parents’ Christmas visitor. I laughed when I read that your mom released the mouse. My sister was like that. I remember her telling me about putting vegetable oil on one of those sticky mouse traps so that the mouse could get itself free when she put it out in the backyard. She didn’t want it in her house but didn’t want to hurt it either.


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