Introducing……..Cancer Plan 4 Life!



I think one of the scariest parts of the whole “cancer journey” for me, was when treatments ended. Don’t get me wrong! I mean, being told at 44 that I had stage 3 breast cancer, and that my odds of surviving for 5 years was just over 50%, REALLY struck terror in my heart. But as long as I was getting my treatments…mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation…I knew that something was being done to kill the beast. However, once my year of treatments ended, I felt like I was on my own to figure things out. Even though I was declared cancer free, I didn’t feel like celebrating. I had watched too many others do their “survivor victory dance”, only to have that very same cancer that they beat, come back with a vengeance… months, years or sometimes even decades later. I didn’t want that to happen to me.

I said to my doctor, “I know I am cancer free right now, but how do I keep it from coming back?”

“Just keep doing what you’re doing”, she replied.

“Keep doing what I’m doing!” I heard a voice inside my head yell, “Aren’t 90% of all cancers related to lifestyle and environmental factors? DOING what I am DOING may have been what caused me to get cancer in the first place!” (Before getting cancer, I assumed that my odds of getting cancer were low because it didn’t “run in my family”. I have since learned that only 10% of cancers are inherited.)

Heck no! I wasn’t going to keep doing what I was doing. I wanted to make changes that would reduce my risk of a cancer recurrence! So I set out on a quest to learn all I could about a cancer prevention lifestyle. My search led to me to a fabulous blog: The Savvy Sister: Simple Changes for Healthy Living. This cancer survivor, Susan, really knows her stuff! She is a nurse, and avid researcher.   She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding reliable health tips for beating cancer. I simply fell in love with her…..well not with HER really, but with her blog. So I asked her to marry me. There I go again, what I mean is, I asked her to “marry” or join the content from both of our blogs. I was blogging right here, at “The Perks of Having Cancer”.   In general, my blog deals with the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of survival. Susan’s blog is about the physical part of survival. We married the two, and gave birth (ok, somebody stop me!) to our baby/book, “100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It” , a resource for body, mind and spirit. And the rest, as they say, is history.

fooling aroundSusan and Flo goofing around at a cancer prevention session.

Not to sound braggy, (I just made that word up), but our book is awesome. Read it for yourself, I am sure you will agree. But what is even awesomer (made that one up too), is our new online cancer survivorship program, Cancer Plan 4 Life (CP4L)! CP4L is a revolutionary, 28 day on-line cancer survivorship program, designed to maximize your chances of surviving cancer while minimizing your risk of recurrence. It is a holistic program, meaning that it gives you the tools you need to achieve optimal health of your body, mind AND spirit. Best of all, it is a personalized program, which connects you with a team of experts who will tailor the program to take you from where you are right now and lead you to your own, personal optimal level of health. (You even get to work with a cancer exercise specialist who will design an exercise program just for you. It’s like having your own personal trainer right at your finger- tips!) CP4L is changing the face of cancer survivorship by empowering survivors to take control of their health. There is no other program like this in existence.

Don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself by clicking HERE.  If you are really serious about kicking cancer’s butt and keeping it from coming back,  you can sign up for our FREE three day trial.  If you sign up for our FREE newsletter before September 1, you will be eligible to WIN a one month membership. (Sign up HERE at the purple bar to the right.) Hey, if you are not a cancer survivor yourself, sign up anyway for great cancer prevention and healthy living tips. (And if you happen to win a membership, I am sure you know of a cancer survivor who would love to take the journey to optimal health). Until then, live life by our motto, Survive and Thrive!



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