A Free Gift For Breast Cancer Survivors

survivor secrets

Here’s a great way to empower your life as a cancer survivor – and it’s absolutely free, no strings attached.  (It’s one of the “Perks”!)

My friend, fellow breast cancer survivor Gai Comans, has just released a new guide called “Survivor Secrets – Empower Your Life”.  And, yes, I’m one of the 21 inspirational survivors interviewed.  I was so impressed with all the interviews, I arranged for you to get a copy for free.

It features interviews with leading breast cancer survivors who reveal their insights  and “secrets” for what they wish they had known when they were diagnosed and going through treatment.   This Guide is the first in a new series.

Some of the chapters include:

How To Find Rainbows In The Breast Cancer Storm

Believing It’s Possible, Surviving Cancer 3 Times

Tools To Help You Heal Your Feelings Of Not Belonging

Giving Yourself Choice – Exploring Your Fertility Options Before Treatment

Looking For Beauty Everyday Can Help You Feeling Sexy After Cancer

Focus On Self-Care For An Holistic Outlook On Life

Coping With Anxiety – Finding Tools To Better Manage Stress

You can get your free copy of this guide by clicking here http://goo.gl/1LbH3I

I hope you enjoy this inspirational gift.  And I know it will give you the information you need to empower you through life as a cancer survivor!

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