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Hey, who doesn’t love to get free stuff, right?  Well, when I saw this free webinar featuring top experts in the area of cancer, who will be sharing their best tips and tools, I thought, I gotta share this!   So to all of my survivor friends, if you are looking for tips and tools on how to THRIVE after cancer, you might want to check this out.


FREE Ticket & over $1000 of FREE Gifts!


Mark your calendars! An exciting FREE event designed to help YOU thrive in your life after cancer launches on February 4th and continues for 20 consecutive days until February 23.

The event, “Tools To Thrive,” is the brainchild of Registered Nurse and Healthprenuer Morgan Toombs (from Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Morgan selected topics for the symposium based on what survivors – just like you – have identified as being important for them: sexuality, body image, energy medicine, nutrition, releasing fear, embracing the future and so much more!

This online event is a game changer not only because you can attend from the comfort of your own home but also because it embraces both Western and Alternative Medicines and it features 20 world-renowned experts in survivorship and thriving including: The Voice of Alternative Medicine” Burton Goldberg, internationally sought after sexologist and host of Playboy TV’s SWING, Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, Transformational Educator and Co-Founder of Access Consciousness, Dr. Dain Heer, as well as many others.

What makes this event so powerful is that each speaker is required to share a minimum of 3 action steps or “tools” that viewers implement immediately to really “take on” the content! This means that you will learn over 60 tips, tools and techniques to THRIVE just by taking part in the symposium!

Three incredible features of this event include:

1)    it’s FREE

2)    you don’t have to travel anywhere because all the video interviews will be available on YouTube

3)    you get over $1000 in free gifts when you register!

Claim your spot today by going to








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