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Perk # 90: …….And To Adopt Some Good Habits

My son, Donovan, walked into the kitchen one morning and asked, “Mom, why does it smell like someone just mowed the lawn in here?”

“Well, son, that’s my breakfast,”  I replied.

Yes, my friends, I am doing grass; wheatgrass, that is.  In case you are wondering, it tastes every bit as good as it sounds.   However, along with kicking some old bad habits, cancer motivated me to adopt some new, healthy ones.  Juicing wheatgrass is one of them.

I have read a lot of good things about wheatgrass juice.  I am no medical expert, but taking living grass, squeezing the green “blood” from it, and then drinking it, has to be good for you.   The fact that it ranks right up there with broccoli and raw cabbage in taste tests, is further proof to me that it is healthy.   Therefore, while it takes a lot of work just to produce just one ounce of the juice, I plan to continue with this healthy habit.

Tip: Be open to trying new foods  for their health benefits.