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10 Powerful Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts

I thought I would share some positive vibes this week by sharing a guest post from Lisa Griffin.   Learn more about Lisa’s work here:   https://customwriting.com/

Negative emotions are like a film that can fill you with anxiety and solitude throughout your life. In simple words, such adversity could make you the loser of your being. The Proverbs 4:23 from the Bible says, ‘Be careful what you think because your thoughts run your life.’ You have to cultivate your mind to think about what you wish to achieve and prevent any idea about what you don’t want.

Generally, I try to stay positive, inspirational and informative. On the contrary, I had millions of causes to turn my living into a real disaster by swamping my mind with weak beliefs.  In this article I will examine several methods and techniques for avoiding bad cognition and will try to find the best ways to think positive in order to keep your head above the water.

1. Feel your ‘Zen.’ It was proven by all scientists that meditation is the leading remedy to almost every mental issue. If you suffer from inimical feelings, self-examination has the best outcome. Close your eyes and try to focus on a visionary source of light; it’s much easier than you think.

2. Get in touch with cheerful people. When you notice that you are stuck in a gloomy circle, try to communicate more with bright and lively humans. They manage to show you things for the other side as they don’t face such adversity as you do.

3.  Laugh as much as you can.  Whenever you are overpowered by pessimistic emotions, leave all behind and start laughing hitting on all cylinders! Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but this is the secret of amusing therapy and how to overcome negativity in a second.

4. Leave your comfort zone by being active. Without any fear and numbers of reasons just make the first step regarding training, and it takes you on a joyful adventure. Even five minutes a day would make a great difference. A perfect solution is to commit a weekly program where you have the same activity the whole week and then change the scheme. Your brain likes a variety of choices, and such modification is capable of helping.

5. Conversation for two: nature and you. Being out in nature magnifies the spirits. Make a break and to take a gulp of fresh air by entering the wood or some wilderness location with tall trees and lush greenery at the foot. Go for a bike ride or grab a pack for a camping and unite with the landscape countryside.

6. Affirmative reading – positive thinking. I am up to take a leap on a hunch that every morning you ask yourself how to stop bad thoughts in your head. There are days when you wake up and already feel bad. In such days, there is no desire to leave the bed and do something. In order to prevent avoid such situations, take a pen, write on a post-in-note any affirmative quote and put it near your bed, on the fridge door, on the mirror or on your computer. Read it as soon as you are awake, and you will be surprised at how much it will inspire you.

7. Encourage yourself for little triumph. Celebrate those moments in with friends and family. Cultivate and admire your being by perceiving vigorous.

8. Evoke happy occasions.  Every time you endure a miserable reflection, bethink about your joyous hours, and in a minute, you will notice a smile on your face.

9. Next step to stop deprecation – let it go.  If it doesn’t suit you, leave it all behind. Do not let yourself to overpower with that awareness. Though, it is not a crime to flounder a little inside your feelings and releases them.

10. Post about it, write it on the social networks. Once you do this, you commit to receive a powerful feedback of support from the social media communities. I am so grateful for all words, which boost my confidence and overcome those unfavorable thoughts.

Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your positive thoughts and vibes with Perks of Cancer.  Namaste!  Flo

Bio:  Lisa is a famous blogger, educator, and just a smart girl, whose motto is: ‘Do not be afraid to get creative and experiment with your life and work.’ She works for https://customwriting.com/with millions of graduates all over the world by helping them to cope with a diversity of university documentation. She writes fantastic articles of encouraging the humanity, how to move forward and never give up in despair. Lisa’s post ‘7-Step Plan for How to Start a Mobile Food Truck Business’ is a real helper for all food lovers and food makers and how to turn a hobby into a prosperous business.

Perk # 34: Cancer Made Me Realize My Own Strength

My Motto: Don't Ever Give Up!

There is nothing like a battle with cancer to prove to yourself just how strong you really are. (I am sure all of the warriors and survivors who are reading this are nodding their heads in agreement).  Ten years ago, if I could have looked into the future and saw 44 year old Florence: divorced, single parenting three children, dealing with the many challenges of having a child with Autism, and then facing cancer on top of that, well I probably would have said, “Hand me a rope, would ya?”  But I would have been underestimating the strength of 44 year old Florence.  Not only am I handling this, but I am experiencing some of the happiest and most joyful moments of my life in the process!  It is true, God never gives us more than we can handle.  But God, if you are listening, I GET IT!  I’M STRONG!!! Now go pick on someone your own size.

Tip:  Celebrate your own strength!  When I need to be reminded of how strong I am, I like to play this song and really belt out the words: “I’M A FIGHTEEEEEERRRR” (while pretending I’m a country superstar).






Perk # 23: Cancer Has Made Me Feel Grateful For My Chores

WAIT!  Hear me out.  Yesterday I cooked supper for my children and cleaned up afterwards, all by myself.  And it felt wonderful.  I appreciate my support team and am quite happy to allow them to cook and clean for me when I need it.  But when I feel well enough to do it myself, I actually feel grateful for my chores.

Now I really get what Thich Nhat Hanh meant when he wrote:  “Washing the dishes is at the same time a means and an end-that is, not only do we do the dishes in order to have clean dishes, we also do the dishes just to do the dishes, to live fully in each moment while washing them.”  Now that is PROFOUND!

Tip: Don’t get too comfortable in the sick role.  When you can do for yourself, DO for yourself, and be grateful that you can.