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A Powerful Healing


What comes to mind for you when you hear the word “healer”?  For many, the word conjures up images of a drum-beating Shaman, dancing around a fire while chanting in tongues.  Or maybe you envision the new age Mystic; a middle aged, bare-footed lady, with long grey hair, and flowing skirt, reeking of granola.  However, in recent times, the definition of what constitutes a healer has broadened.  Once considered a new-age concept, “healing”, or more specifically healing on an energetic level, is slowly becoming main-stream and normalized.

So what exactly is a healer?  Basically, by my personal definition, a healer is anyone who can make you feel better, whether that be on a physical, mental or emotional level.  In fact, I fancy myself a bit of a healer.  In my Psychology practice, I often ask my clients to rate their level of emotional distress on a scale of 1 to 10 at the start of a session.  At the end of the session, I again ask them to rate their mood, and without exception, they experience a dramatic shift in their emotional well-being.  Hey, I am not claiming to be a miracle worker, but I do believe that being fully present with someone for even an hour, in a caring and non-judgemental way will make them feel better.   Isn’t that what healing is all about?

Then there are the healers who are truly miracle workers.  Perhaps the most well-known healer in the world today is John of God.  This simple, and unassuming Brazilian man, who has very little education, has been performing miraculous healings for more than 50 years! He charges no fees, and takes no credit for the work he does, saying that it is God who is actually doing the work.  Yet millions from around the world (including Oprah) flock to him to experience his amazing healings, which continue to defy science and baffle the medical community.

I recently experienced a pretty miraculous healing myself.  No, I am not talking about my recovery from cancer.  I am referring to a very rough patch that I hit last weekend, when I was feeling so depressed and desolate that my only thought was, “Feck, chemo was easy compared to this.”   I won’t get in to the details of what had me feeling so down, well, hey, it’s really none of your business anyway!  But suffice it to say that I was feeling lower than a snake’s belly.

Then the phone rang.  It was my sister, Celeste calling from Calgary.  She has been doing healing work for years, often performing distance healings over the phone.  I had heard that she was “good”, but ya know, she is my little sister, so I didn’t really think of her in that way.  I just figured she was always a bit weird.  Take for example that big puffy yellow jacket she insisted on wearing in high school, when all the cool kids were wearing sleek bomber jackets…..but I digress….

So back to my story, I was actually lying in bed, staring off into space, feeling too sad to move my eyeballs when she called.  She asked, “Waz up?” and I broke in to tears.  That immediately catapulted her into healing mode.  I won’t get in to the details of all the strange stuff that happened, but after about an hour, I felt as light as a feather!  All of my sadness, worry and anxiety just left my body and my entire world shifted.  The circumstances that had me feeling depressed in the first place had not changed at all.  But I had changed.  And suddenly the world around me changed too.  I don’t just mean I felt better, but literally the problem that I was experiencing just instantly resolved itself. I had never felt such a sudden and miraculous healing in my entire life.  Thanks, Celeste.

(To learn more about Celeste and her services, you can visit www.celestialhealing.ca)

 celesteMy sis, the Healer, Celeste


Perk # 69: Awards and Recognitions

Today I received a “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” from fellow blogger, Dor (http://notesfromtheblogusfear.com)/  , who says, “I have just lost a dear friend to cancer.  She would have so loved your blog.  You are an inspiration to many and I am giving you the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.”  Thank you, Dor, for your kind words and for considering me for this award.

I am sure that my fellow bloggers are familiar with awards such as these, which are passed through the blogosphere in chain-mail-like-fashion.  It may not rank up there with the coveted “Webby”, but I still consider it an honour to be nominated, and I am thrilled to add these badges to my site.   (And just think, now I can refer to my blog as “an award winning blog”!)

Yesterday, I received another unexpected honour in the form of a response to my blog.  If you have cancer, Dr. Siegel, or “Bernie”, as he prefers to be called, probably needs no introduction.     He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of cancer treatment, and best selling author of twelve books.   His first book, “Love, Medicine and Miracles” sold millions of copies and went to Number 1 on the New York Times best sellers list.  It also landed him appearances on numerous television programs, including Oprah, Donahue and 20/20.  (Yes folks, I said, OPRAH!)

In May 2011, Bernie was honored by the Watkins Review of London, England, as one of the Top 20 Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet.

It is little wonder then, that I am completely over the moon that this man took the time, not only to read my “Healthy Living Challenge” for this week, but also to comment on it, and send a personal response to my private email.  You can read his comment here: (https://perksofcancer.wordpress.com/healthy-living-challenge-2/)

Thank you, Bernie, for reaffirming my belief that behaving like a survivor does indeed make a difference in recovering from cancer, and that miracles truly are possible.

Tip:  In “Love, Medicine and Miracles”, Dr. Bernie Siegel says, “There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people”.   Even if a type of cancer has only a 1% survival rate, that one person in a hundred who beats the odds could very well be YOU.  If you are looking for hope, please read Bernie’s book.

p.s.  As a condition of accepting the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”, I am required  to nominate seven fellow bloggers who inspire me.   It is difficult for me to narrow my choices to only seven, as I have met so many inspirational bloggers in the five months that I have been part of this community.  Here are some of my favourite cancer-related blogs:

Susan is a breast cancer survivor who is both smart and funny.   She shares her knowledge, research and experience as a registered nurse to present educational information relating to breast cancer and good health in general.  She blogs at www.sisterearthorganics.com

Sweet Rachel is the eternal optimist, who is capable of finding the blessings which lurk behind her cancer diagnosis.  She blogs at www.rachturner.wordpress.com

I feel a special connection to Jennifer because she and I shared the exact same chemo schedule.  While we live in different countries, the blogosphere allows us to connect and compare our stories.  She blogs at www.junojen.blogspot.com

Shanna is a sweet young woman who is one of the most determined souls I have ever cyber-met.   She is constantly coming up with new juicing concoctions, cleanses, and alternative ways of beating her cancer.  You can find her at www.existingstricky.blogspot.com

Marie is the wise one; a strong and intelligent woman who is showing us the ropes of the journey after breast cancer.   She can be found at www.journeyingbeyondbreastcancer.com

AnneMarie is making waves with her outspoken and thought provoking blog www.chemo-brain.blogspot.com

Nancy is the spunky Texan who shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of breast cancer.  Check her out at www.pinkunderbelly.com

Ladies, you can pick up your award below:

Perk # 31: Cancer Made Me Appreciate My Pooch

Florence and Patches, post chemo

My dog loving friends, Lil, V, Nat, and Oprah (OK, she is not my friend YET, but let’s keep that door open!)  will be mortified to hear that I have fantasized about killing my dog, Patches.  Just last night, for example, she woke me from a sound sleep with a shrill whine and the clickity-clack of her sharp nails tap dancing across my laminate floor.  I faked I was asleep for as long as possible, but soon realized I was not going to get any rest until I let her out to pee.  At this point in my story I should stop myself and send a sincere apology to my neighbours, Keith and Cora Lee, in case they looked out at 2 a.m and saw a bald woman, clad only in her underwear (chemo causes early menopause and severe hot flashes….) yelling “Hurry up and pee would ya!”  But I digress……Patches has proven herself to be a faithful and loving companion through my journey with cancer.  She never leaves my side.  As I am fading in and out of consciousness post-chemo, I can always count on seeing her furry face, black lips and big brown eyes looking at me when I open my eyes.  She has been with me for nearly ten years, but this is the first time I have truly enjoyed her company.  Too bad it took getting cancer to make me really appreciate her.

Tip:   If you are battling cancer, this might not be the best time to get a new pet.  But if you already have one, nourish the relationship with your furry friend.