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The Perks Of Being A Teacher


Flo and Kaitlyn kicking off summer on Shawn’s patio (Flo wearing new “summer wig”)

It is that time of year again…..the time when every working person in North America wishes that he or she was a TEACHER!  Well, I am not exactly a teacher, I am an Educational Psychologist turned School Counsellor.  However, I do get to enjoy all of the PERKS of being a teacher!  Top among these perks is the holiday schedule.  Seventy-six, count ‘em, 76 days until school starts up again in September.  Seventy-six days which I will fill with gardening, reading, fishing, and hanging out on the beach with my boy, Ben.

In addition to my usual summer endeavors, I have some very EXCITING stuff happening this summer!  In just two days I will meet for the first time in the flesh, my new friend and co-writer, Susan Gonzalez.  Even though we haven’t met in person,  I feel like I am welcoming a long-lost sister to my home.  I just love this gal!   It will be a working holiday for us, but I am sure there will be lots of fun and laughter thrown in to the mix.   (By the way, be sure to tune in to CBC Crosstalk Radio at 12:30 Newfoundland Time on Thursday, June 27th to listen to our interview.)

In July, it is off to Nova Scotia with Shawn and his family for some R and R.  Then, in August, I eagerly anticipate the climax of the summer:  The official launch of our book, 100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It!   The launch is taking place in Nashville, Tennessee at a National Survivors Convention with thousands of people.   I can barely contain my excitement!  Susan and I will be giving away some fabulous prizes leading up to the launch, so tune in to our Facebook page for your chance to win.  Happy Summer, everyone!