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Too Good To Be True?


Have you seen those commercials which are now being aired for the Komen 3 day walk?  What surprised me most, is the claim that there has been a 30% drop in breast cancer mortality rates since the early 90’s. Call me skeptical if you will, but to me that sounds too good to be true…….(“Hello, this is your Captain calling, you just won a free cruise!”)  I usually avoid the politics of breast cancer, because trust me, it can get uggggglllyyy!  But this is one time I feel that I can use my powers as a super-blogger to help set the record straight.

I would love to impress you all to pieces with my knowledge of statistics, but hey, I can barely help my kid with grade 2 math…..well it is the NEW math ya know!  So, if you are interested in learning the REAL stats, I have added a link to the latest post by MBCNbuzz:  http://mbcnbuzz.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/is-this-true-komen-claims-30-drop-in-bc-mortality-rates/#respond