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Perk # 39: Cancer Has Given Me The Privilege Of Having My Words Of Wisdom Quoted By Another

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(OK, I was quoted by Lucy Cove on Facebook….but still, my words WERE quoted!)

Well, I have decided, after completing 6 rounds of chemo, with a radical mastectomy and 25 radiation treatments still to come, that I am just going to pack it all in and accept that I am doomed.    My positive attitude can’t do a thing to save me.  Well, that’s according to a study by Dr. Coyne of the University of Pennsylvania, which supposedly found that people with a positive outlook about their cancer did not survive better than those who were depressed about their cancer.

I have a message for Dr. Coyne: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.    And yes Dr. Coyne, there is a power greater than the physical body….call it a positive attitude, the power of prayer, hope, faith, or optimism.    Can it cure cancer?  Absolutely.   There are plenty of documented cases of medical miracles which cannot be explained by modern  science.  Will a positive attitude alone guarantee a long life?  Of course not.  It doesn’t matter how positive your attitude or how strong your faith, we simply have to accept that some things are beyond our control.

So, if a positive attitude can’t guarantee a cure for my cancer, then what’s the point of having one?   It takes a lot of work, ya know.  Well, the way I see it, even if I can’t  state for certain that having a positive attitude will allow me live a LONGER life (although I do believe it will),  I can say with 100% certainty that it will allow me to live a HAPPIER life!

And here are my words which were quoted on Facebook (because when you have cancer, people think you are suddenly full of wisdom):  “If I live another forty years and I can look back on this year and say that I stayed joyful, happy and positive, that would be a wonderful thing  to say.  If I live only one year, then it is even more important that I be able to say that.”

Tip:  Don’t listen to the naysayers who tell you that having a positive attitude won’t help your survival.  Instead, prove them wrong….live to be 90, that’ll show ‘em!