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How I Witnessed A “Mini Miracle”: The Angel Healing


I don’t tell many people this, especially the clients I work with, but in every counseling session that I give, both individual and group, I use “Angel Therapy.” I am actually a Certified Angel Therapist, having trained in 2010, with Charles Virtue, the son of world famous Angel Healer, Doreen Virtue.   How do I administer Angel Therapy without my client’s knowledge? I simply take five minutes before each session to light a candle and invite my angels, as well as the angels of my clients, to be present for their healing. On a rare occasion I will pull out one of my many decks of angel cards to offer guidance to the client, but only if I feel that he or she is open to this form of angel intervention. Otherwise, I fear that I would quickly lose credibility as a Registered Psychologist!

Over the years, I have witnessed some pretty amazing healings in my practice, for which I give credit to the angels. I would like to share with you the story of one such healing.

Mary (name changed to protect her privacy), is a woman in her sixties who lost her husband about a year ago. She had been seeing me for counseling for several months for issues relating to the grieving process. Mary describes herself as not a particularly religious person. While she has faith and believes in God, she had many questions as to what actually happens after death, and wondered whether her husband was still around her in some way. She reported that she could sometimes feel his warm and comforting presence, but she also discovered a particular sign that gave her comfort: dimes.   Many people who are grieving begin to find “dimes from heaven” as a sign that their loved one is still around and watching over them. Soon after her husband’s death, Mary began to find dimes in the most unexpected and peculiar places, and at every counseling session, she would happily share with me another story of finding these dimes from heaven.

One day, Mary called me, very upset, and asked if I was able to fit her in for a counseling session. Luckily, I was able to see her right away.   Before her arrival, I lit a candle and said a prayer to invoke the presence of the angels. When she came to my office that day, her grief and despair were almost tangible. Her voice shook a little as she told me the story of visiting her husband’s grave the previous day and realizing for the first time, the finality of the loss. While she had long ago acknowledged his death, on some level she was not fully accepting that he was never coming back. I explained to Mary that acceptance is the final stage of the grieving process, and while it is painful, these are healing feelings which she must embrace in order to move forward in life. Re-framing it in this way seemed to bring some comfort to Mary, but still I could sense that there was something else bothering her.

She then went on to tell me, “Realizing that he is never coming back is hard for me to accept. But even harder is the thought that he is no longer with me in any way. The dimes used to bring me comfort but my friend thinks it is all nonsense. Now I wonder if maybe she is right and finding these dimes is really nothing more than just coincidence.”

Our session was coming to an end and I felt at a loss. I did not have the answers for Mary, and I could see the pain of prolonged grief in her face. As she was leaving, I caught sight of a deck of angel cards lying on my desk, and I said, “Here Mary, I want you to pick a card.”

“A card?” she asked, clearly skeptical of my suggestion.

“They are angel cards,” I said, “But if it makes you feel more comfortable, just pretend that you are opening a fortune cookie to get a message.”

I shuffled the cards and fanned them out, face down to allow her to randomly choose a card.   When she read the card, her face softened and her eyes filled with tears. The message she picked was:

Sign from heaven: Your loved ones in spirit are waving hello and giving you reassurance that you’ll be all right.

The next time I saw Mary, she actually radiated peace; even her physical demeanor had become calmer and gentler. “Coincidently”, in our next session as I was offering her the cards, the same card fell out of the deck! Experienced card readers will tell you that if a card falls out of the deck, it is the one you are meant to pick. There are 44 cards in that deck, and this is the only card containing a message about a deceased loved one. While skeptics will likely dismiss this as mere coincidence, I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence and these messages truly are guidance from our angels.

In some small way, Mary experienced a healing from this message. That is not to say that she will never again feel sad or grieve the loss of her husband. However because of this reassurance from her angels, she will probably never again doubt that he remains with her in spirit. Just as grieving is a process, so too is healing. This message from the angels brings Mary another step closer to her healing.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

People of Newfoundland-Labrador:  Do you have a “miraculous” story to share?

In light of the recent doom and gloom in the news, I think the people of this province need a reminder that there is still a God out there, even if He is sometimes hard to see.

So I have set myself a NEW CHALLENGE:  I will find 100 miracle stories from around Newfoundland-Labrador!

I am interested in stories from around the province that are about miracles, whether great or small. Here are some suggested topics:

-Power of prayer and divine intervention

-Messages from loved ones who have passed on

-Angel stories

-Everyday miracles

-Miraculous dreams, premonitions and visions

-Miraculous healing and recovery, of body, mind and spirit (including recovery from addictions)

-Near death experiences

Please send your story to: florencestrang@Hotmail.ca

These stories can be written, “as told to Florence”, so don’t worry about writing a perfect story,  just email me your name and phone number and I can interview you over the phone, if you wish.    Your story will NOT be posted on my blog  without your final approval, so there is no harm in sharing, since you can always change your mind.

If you choose, your story can be printed anonymously.



Wednesday Guest Blogger: Amy Oscar

This week, I am proud to bring to you blogger and Hay House Author, Amy Oscar (www.amyoscar.com).

About Amy:

As Founder and CEO of As If, Ltd.,I am working to expand the space for love in the world. I am an author, teacher and intuitive consultant, encouraging you to develop a personal relationship with the Divine. In 2010, I wrote Sea of Miracles: An invitation from the angels, the story of what happened when I began writing a magazine column about angels with Doreen Virtue. In 2009, we co-authored a collection of stories called, My Guardian Angel: True Stories of Angelic Encounters… (Hay House, 2009).

From our years of collaboration, I’ve learned a great deal. But I’ve learned even more from the angels and the Divine presence in all things – and from the thousands of personal accounts of divine encounters that have streamed across my desk – straight into my heart.

Reading these stories changed me – It truly was a sea of miracles! – and the experience changed my life. Today, I write and teach out of my own insights into human consciousness and our relationship with the Divine.


The Voice of Guidance

One Wednesday morning, on the day that the March Soul Caller Training began, I woke nervous, as I always am, just before a class begins. Making my way to the bathroom, I switched on the light and found that, in the middle of the night, in the dark, I’d put my sweatshirt on backwards AND inside out.

Then, I read the tag and instantly, every bit of nervousness dissolved. “Grace Woman”, the tag read.

Sweet.  The voice of guidance will surprise you in the most delightful ways!

It was such a little thing – a coincidence, a mistake, really. Yet, it changed my whole day: it reminded me that the voice of guidance is always there; always playing with me, dropping signs and messages into my world with whimsy and the most exquisite timing.

It reminds me that even though, every day – every single day – there is something new to push against; this nervousness or some other new challenge pressing against the other side of the gate: a symptom, a pettiness, a habit of settling for less than I know I am capable of, I am going to find, when I wake up, some miracle.

The voice of guidance reminds me:

Wake up anyway.

Wake up earlier

Argue with the other voice that says that life is a string of hardships, designed to trip you up: the voice that says, ‘not yet,’ ‘maybe next week,’ ‘you’re not ready’, ‘not pretty,’ ‘not enough’ to have the life that you want.

The voice of guidance – the voice that whispers, “Go on …”

Ride the bike.
Get the autograph.
Leave earlier.
Stay longer.
Reach for the hand of the person you love.
Put on that new perfume that, even though it makes you feel exposed,as if you were trying too hard, makes you also feel beautiful.

Feel for that voice, even though it’s hard to get past (and through and over and beyond) that knotty thing in the center of the belly that tells you you’re not the kind of person who…

Transcend it, ignore it; that voice misunderstands; it’s forgotten how the world actually works: this sea of miracles where, if you want it, all you need is vision and clarity and intention.

A sea of miracles in which, the moment you ask for more, it’s there – waiting just outside the door, and all you must do is pull it toward you through time and space.

Find the voice of guidance, it’s there, under the knotty thing, whispering…

-make the call
-start the class
-ask the question
-rent the office
-hang the shingle
-send the manuscript.
-add that new ingredient to the sauce you know by heart
-call the person you admire and invite her to lunch

What’s the worst that could happen?

What’s the best that could happen?

Listen for it: the voice of guidance always argues for your greatness, your beauty, your more than enoughness.It has a different tone, a different timbre – it loves you.

So, next time the mean old other voice whispers, “That idea is silly/foolish/lame/old-fashioned/boring/stupid/so yesterday; turn away, turn deeper, listen from that place that knows who you really are – the place where the voice of guidance makes its home:

And follow its lead…

because even though you might …stutter a little/forget your lines/leave out a chunk of content in your first class/ break a heel/skin your knees…

… you will have moved, reached, opened and let yourself live.