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Perk # 86: Cancer Re-Defined My Relationship With Food




If there is one thing I have learned about surviving cancer, it is that I need to be very aware of what I put into my body.  When I first started my cancer-fighting diet in January, I took it to the extreme.   I bought Kriss Carr’s book, “Crazy Sexy Diet”, brushed the cobwebs off my juicer, and decided that I would subsist  on veggie juice alone.  What’s the obsession with chewing anyway?  I reasoned that it was high time I gave my teeth a break.   On the first day of my new diet, I threw every veggie I could find in the juicer, and drank it down as quickly as I could.  That wasn’t so bad…..not until it hit my gut. Let’s just say that I had pains in my stomach akin to the early stages of labour.  It just did not sit well, and eventually, despite my best efforts to keep it down, I puked.   So ended my Crazy not-so-sexy diet.

I recently met a cancer survivor from P.E.I who told me that not only does she grow her own vegetables, but she also raises her own livestock so that she can be sure her food is completely organic.  I briefly considered doing that.  But hey, I am the type of person who picks worms up off the sidewalk with my bare hands and puts them back in the dirt.  I am pretty sure that come slaughter time, I would have bonded with Ole Bessie.  In fact, she would probably be sleeping at the foot of my bed.  No, that would not work for me.

So I have taken the middle road.  I have drastically cut the amount of meat, wheat, sugar and dairy in my diet, and increased the fruits, veggies, beans and lentils.  This is a diet I can live with.  The only issue  arises when I go out to a restaurant, as was the case earlier this week.  Me and my teens, Kaitlyn  and Donovan, decided to eat out, nothing fancy, but a treat all the same.  The menu wasn’t exactly vegetarian-friendly, but they did offer a nice spinach salad which would fit with my healthy diet.  I practiced my order in my mind, “A spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette on the side and a glass of water please.”  Service was slow, and all around me I could see other people with their mounds of nachos, mountains of fries and baskets of wings.  I tutt-tutted in my mind, all the while practicing my order, “A spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette on the side and a glass of water please”, getting hungrier and hungrier as time went by.  Finally, the waitress came to take our order.  “I’ll have a large fish and chips with gravy and a glass of red wine”, I heard a voice say.  OH My God!  That was my voice, I really don’t know where it came from!  Kaitlyn said, “Mom, are you sure you want to do this? You know how finicky your stomach is.”  I gave her my most solemn look and said, “Kaitlyn, I’m willing to risk it.”   My stomach was fine, but I got a bad dose of guilty conscience afterwards.  I may even need to see a priest, “Bless me Father for I have sinned, it has been 27 years since my last confession.”

Tip:  Eat healthy, but don’t beat yourself up if you have a treat from time to time.