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Medical Up-date

Recently on my blog (See: Eavesdropping On The Ward), I reported a claim, from an unidentified source, that eating corn during chemo will cause one’s hair to grow back, “yellow and curly”.   Well folks, there has been an up-date to this breaking story, as one of my conscientious followers, made the following comment (which I feel it prudent to report):

“ While going through the IV chemo there wasn’t much I could keep down only creamed corn, Guess what??? My hair never did come back ……yellow, black, white or green. Nothing.”

(Thank you, Janet for sharing this interesting fact.)

Well, I am no Scientist, but I think it is safe to conclude from this isolated case study, that eating creamed corn during chemo will cause PERMANENT BALDNESS, whereas eating corn niblets will turn you into Goldilocks.  Niblets, I repeat, NIBLETS!

As an up-date to my medical status, apparently I have some scary sounding super-bug called MRSA, which, if you google it, will scare the crap out of you.  It seems that I will be making frequent trips to the hospital in the coming weeks, so I will keep my ears open and continue to collect medical data to share with you.