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Guest Post By The Savvy Sister

Hey, it’s Wednesday, and time once again to introduce one of my favourite bloggers. Susan is a registered nurse,  stage III breast cancer survivor, owner of MOON Organics (healthy & natural stuff to make you beautiful) and the author of “The Savvy Sister” blog.  Her posts are indeed “savvy”, in that they are well researched,  informed and perceptive.  They are entertaining as well, but don’t take my word for it, check her out at www.sisterearthorganics.wordpress.com


10 Reasons Why Bald Chicks Are Cool

I’ve talked to women who feared losing their hair more than losing their breasts. I was a freak I guess, because I couldn’t wait to be bald.

I actually didn’t wait.  I ran straight to my hairdresser the week before my first round of chemo and had some fun. My sister came with me for “moral support”.  Both my sister and the hairdresser were in for a surprise.

“I want a mohawk!”

“What?” the hairdresser asks.

“Can you give me a mohawk before you shave it all off?” I ask very excited almost jumping up and down in my chair.

“I guess so.” he says, not quite sure what to make of me.

But after a few runs with the clippers, he really gets into it.

“Wait”, he says, “Let’s try this gel to make it really stand up!”

When he was done, instead of feeling a loss and being sad, we were all laughing hysterically and taking pictures.

On day 14 of chemo I was officially a “bald chick”. Cue ball bald.  Kojak bald.  Use-my-shiny-head-to-chek-your-make up bald.  Right then and there I decided to own it.

“Not many women can say they were really bald.”  I thought, “This is kinda cool.”

And kinda cool it was, because bald chicks can:


  1. get ready to go out in about 2.5 seconds….shower, towel off, and go!
  2. save approximately $688/6 months in shampoo and hairdresser costs
  3. get to draw a different eyebrow shape every day
  4. save a bundle on bikini waxes
  5. be cool in 101 degree weather
  6. never worry about raising my hand in a sleeveless shirt
  7. say “Thank you” when people tell you that you have a “nice shaped head”.
  8. go in a dark closet with a blacklight and a mirror and verify that you have sundamage everywhere else except on the top of your head
  9. get the guy’s attention next to you at a red light and then watch his face as you whip off your wig
  10.  dress up as the “best Uncle Fester ever” for Halloween


Take that chemo side effects!

Natalie Portman had to shave her head for a movie once and she was quoted as saying she “now knows what women who undergo treatment for cancer feel like.”

Not for nuttin’ Nat (can I call her Nat?) but why don’t you shave your eyebrows and your lady triangle, wait 6 months, and get bac k to me.

So to all you out there feeling sorry for us losing our hair, I say……

You don’t know what you’re missing.