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Test Your Cancer Survivorship I.Q:


1.      Following a regular exercise program can reduce your risk of a cancer recurrence by as much as:

A.     10%

B.      20%

C.      30%

D.     40%


2.      This type of diet has been linked to  cancer and various other chronic illnesses:

A.     A diet that is high in sugar

B.      A diet that is high in fat

C.      A diet that is high in meats, dairy and other animal products

D.     All of the above


3.      A deficiency in this vitamins has been linked to breast cancer:

A.     Vitamin A

B.      Vitamin B

C.      Vitamin C

D.     Vitamin D


4.      This diseases causes more deaths among American women than any other:

A.     Heart disease

B.      Breast cancer

C.      Ovarian cancer

D.     Diabetes


5.      This spice has been shown in studies to shrink tumors:

A.     Oregano

B.      Turmeric

C.      Basil

D.     Pepper


6.      Which of the following statements is true:

A.    Cow’s milk is significantly higher in calcium than almond milk.

B.   The only way to get “whole protein” is from meat

C.      Blackberries are high in cancer fighting anti-oxidents

D.     White potatos are more nutritious than sweet potatos

7.      The ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids that you should consume for optimal health is:

A.     1 to 1

B.      2 to 1

C.      3 to 1

D.     4 to 1

8.      Tumors and many different types of cancers feed on:

A.     Blood

B.      Protein

C.      Chemicals

D.     Insulin

9.      The percentage of cancer patients diagnosed today who will live more than five years:

A.     25%

B.      33%

C.      66%

D.     88%


10.  In a 2006 report, the Institute of Medicine recommended that all patients completing their primary treatment for cancer be given:

A.     A cancer survivorship plan

B.      A yearly PET scan

C.      A follow up MRI

D.     A gold medal


Scroll down to find the answers:



Answers:  D, D, D, A, B, C, B, D, C, A

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