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Perk # 62: Handsome Doctors

I was feeling kind of flattered when my two sisters practically broke out in a fight over who was going to take me to my next doctor’s appointment.   How sweet of these real life Florence Nightingale’s to insist on holding my hand through another uncomfortable medical procedure.   Yeah, right!  The real truth reared its ugly head when I caught sister Lessy texting other sister Juana, “This place is crawling with hunks…”  And by “hunk” I am pretty sure she was referring to the surgeon who had just inserted a drainage tube into my incision.

While having to see so many doctors for my  treatments is not a fun part of having cancer, the fact that they are easy on the eyes, does make it a perk.   With doctors nicknamed  the likes of Dr. McDreamy, Dr. McSteamy, and Buns of Steel, (named  by my sisters, I might add) it sometimes feels like I am in a real life episode of Grey’s Anatomy!

Tip:  Just because you have cancer doesn’t mean you can’t LOOK.

P.S.  I received some good news at my last appointment with my surgeon.  The lymph nodes which were removed during my mastectomy in January all tested NEGATIVE for cancer!  (In July, 3 of the 4 removed for testing did have cancer.)  It is a baby step in my recovery, but a step in the right direction.  Thank you God, and thanks to everyone who has prayed for me.