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Perk # 66: A Five Week Vacation

What would you call this:  five weeks away from cooking and cleaning; away from packing lunches and helping with homework; away from all the hum drum duties of running a household.   A vacation?  Yeah, that’s how I see it.   Yesterday I started my radiation therapy.  Since the nearest hospital which offers this treatment  is more than 300 kilometers away, I was “forced” to leave my small town and move to the city for five weeks (with Shawn!).  Whatever shall I do with myself for the next five weeks without my loveable kiddies and furry critter? (I will still see them on the weekends).   Here’s what I was thinking:

-Take up yoga (I have my first private session tonight)

-Go to the movies

-Dine out at nice restaurants

-Visit a spa

-Hang out at Chapters

-Shop for some new workout clothes at lululemon

-Walk/run in Bowring park

-Visit “The Rooms” Museum

-Go to the flea market

-Take in a dinner theatre

That should pretty much take care of the first week.  Any ideas to add?

Tip:  If your cancer treatments take you to new cities and towns, why not treat it like a vacation?  If your medical appointments are nearby, you can still plan an outing, such as going to a favourite restaurant or seeing a show.  Give yourself something to look forward to.