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Perk # 18: I Don’t Have To Count Calories

Last night I enjoyed a smorgasboard of Halloween treats, and not once did I stop to consider how many calories I was consuming.  That is one perk of having cancer that makes my girlfriends envious.  Of course I make sure to eat a healthy, well-balanced, cancer-fighing diet each day.  But I also give my self free reign of the treat cupboard.

Tip: It is essential to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet when you have cancer, but don’t deprive yourself of an occasional treat.

Perk # 16: Cancer Has “Shaved” 10 Minutes Off My Shower Time

Being a mother,  I have had to hone the the ability to shower, wash and condition my  hair, plus shave various body parts, all in under twenty minutes.  Well, now that I am on chemo, and no longer have to bother myself with hair care or removal of unwanted body hair, my shower time has been cut in half.  Shorter showers is a definite perk of having cancer, and I make use of the extra grooming time by stepping up my skin care.

Tip: If your shower routine is shortened, don’t give extra bathroom time to your kids.  Rather, use those precious grooming minutes on skin care.  Despite under-going chemo, I have been told that my skin has never looked better.

Perk #3: I Get Fast Tracked For Bloodwork

We all know how boring and time consuming it is waiting to have blood work and other lab tests done.  Before cancer, I would sit in the waiting room for hours, trying to look dignified while holding a bottle of pee in my hand.  Well now, at my hospital at least, all I need to do is say I am a chemo patient and I get fast tracked!  I think the rationale is that they don’t want us chemo patients  hanging out with “sick people” since our immune systems are low.  Hey, works for me!   I also have a special parking permit for chemo patients so that I am guaranteed a parking spot close to the hospital.

Tip:  Use your chemo status to your advantage. Find out if your hospital will fast track your routine lab tests, or give preferred parking.  It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Perk #2: I Don’t Have To Go To Work

(You can make my body go to school but my soul will be outside running through the sprinkler)

I work in the field of education, so every year since I was five years old, I have been heading back to school in September.  So it felt strange when September rolled around this year and I found myself putting the kids on the bus and going back home…..strange, but GOOD!   Now I finally get that Staples commercial “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  I get to enjoy the luxury of having the whole house to myself, and really focus on getting well.

Tip:  If you have sick leave, why not use it?  Make getting well your full time job.