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Wednesday Guest Blogger: Amy Oscar

This week, I am proud to bring to you blogger and Hay House Author, Amy Oscar (www.amyoscar.com).

About Amy:

As Founder and CEO of As If, Ltd.,I am working to expand the space for love in the world. I am an author, teacher and intuitive consultant, encouraging you to develop a personal relationship with the Divine. In 2010, I wrote Sea of Miracles: An invitation from the angels, the story of what happened when I began writing a magazine column about angels with Doreen Virtue. In 2009, we co-authored a collection of stories called, My Guardian Angel: True Stories of Angelic Encounters… (Hay House, 2009).

From our years of collaboration, I’ve learned a great deal. But I’ve learned even more from the angels and the Divine presence in all things – and from the thousands of personal accounts of divine encounters that have streamed across my desk – straight into my heart.

Reading these stories changed me – It truly was a sea of miracles! – and the experience changed my life. Today, I write and teach out of my own insights into human consciousness and our relationship with the Divine.


The Voice of Guidance

One Wednesday morning, on the day that the March Soul Caller Training began, I woke nervous, as I always am, just before a class begins. Making my way to the bathroom, I switched on the light and found that, in the middle of the night, in the dark, I’d put my sweatshirt on backwards AND inside out.

Then, I read the tag and instantly, every bit of nervousness dissolved. “Grace Woman”, the tag read.

Sweet.  The voice of guidance will surprise you in the most delightful ways!

It was such a little thing – a coincidence, a mistake, really. Yet, it changed my whole day: it reminded me that the voice of guidance is always there; always playing with me, dropping signs and messages into my world with whimsy and the most exquisite timing.

It reminds me that even though, every day – every single day – there is something new to push against; this nervousness or some other new challenge pressing against the other side of the gate: a symptom, a pettiness, a habit of settling for less than I know I am capable of, I am going to find, when I wake up, some miracle.

The voice of guidance reminds me:

Wake up anyway.

Wake up earlier

Argue with the other voice that says that life is a string of hardships, designed to trip you up: the voice that says, ‘not yet,’ ‘maybe next week,’ ‘you’re not ready’, ‘not pretty,’ ‘not enough’ to have the life that you want.

The voice of guidance – the voice that whispers, “Go on …”

Ride the bike.
Get the autograph.
Leave earlier.
Stay longer.
Reach for the hand of the person you love.
Put on that new perfume that, even though it makes you feel exposed,as if you were trying too hard, makes you also feel beautiful.

Feel for that voice, even though it’s hard to get past (and through and over and beyond) that knotty thing in the center of the belly that tells you you’re not the kind of person who…

Transcend it, ignore it; that voice misunderstands; it’s forgotten how the world actually works: this sea of miracles where, if you want it, all you need is vision and clarity and intention.

A sea of miracles in which, the moment you ask for more, it’s there – waiting just outside the door, and all you must do is pull it toward you through time and space.

Find the voice of guidance, it’s there, under the knotty thing, whispering…

-make the call
-start the class
-ask the question
-rent the office
-hang the shingle
-send the manuscript.
-add that new ingredient to the sauce you know by heart
-call the person you admire and invite her to lunch

What’s the worst that could happen?

What’s the best that could happen?

Listen for it: the voice of guidance always argues for your greatness, your beauty, your more than enoughness.It has a different tone, a different timbre – it loves you.

So, next time the mean old other voice whispers, “That idea is silly/foolish/lame/old-fashioned/boring/stupid/so yesterday; turn away, turn deeper, listen from that place that knows who you really are – the place where the voice of guidance makes its home:

And follow its lead…

because even though you might …stutter a little/forget your lines/leave out a chunk of content in your first class/ break a heel/skin your knees…

… you will have moved, reached, opened and let yourself live.

Perk # 82: I Have Been Published

April 16th Edition, Woman's World

I have always enjoyed writing, and one of the top things on my bucket list has been to be published.   “Thanks” to cancer, I can now scratch that off my list.

In January, on a return flight from Florida, I picked up a copy of Woman’s World magazine to pass the time.  I immediately skipped forward to my favourite section of the magazine, “My Guardian Angel”, in which readers share their stories about experiences with angels.  “Hey,”  I thought, “I have a story  to share.”  (See Perk # 46:  https://perksofcancer.wordpress.com/2011/12/24/perk-46-receiving-special-gifts/ )  So I jotted down some notes, sent them off to the editor, and lo and behold I am now published in a magazine with a circulation of more than 1.7 million!

My story tells of how throughout my cancer journey, my angels have made their presence known through the symbol of a butterfly.   Now my story has a sequel.  It happened at the Skills for Healing breast cancer retreat which I attended last weekend.   We were on our lunch break on Saturday, and since it was such a beautiful day, Shawn and I took a walk by the lake, stopping along the way to take pictures.  We were soon joined by a lady from our group, Faye, who offered to take our picture.

Photo by Faye

As we were chatting, Faye pointed to a butterfly in the distance.  It is unusual to see a butterfly this early in the spring in Eastern Canada, so this sight was a rare treat to behold.  I thought, “Come join me”, as I held out my hand.  The butterfly then changed direction and pitched right on my hand!   Faye, Shawn and I continued to chat quietly, so as not to disturb this peaceful presence.  It stayed there for about a minute, and I proceeded to tell Faye how I interpreted this as a message that my angels are around me.

The thing with talking about your angels is that for some people, you may as well be talking about visitors from outer space.  They just think you are coo-coo!  I wasn’t sure how Faye took my comment until the next morning at our healing circle group.  It was then that she shared her beautiful story of a near death experience in which she was visited by six angels.  In that moment I knew that the butterfly was not just for me.  It was also a sign to Faye that her angels are watching over her, just as they watch over each of us.

Tip:  Be open to the loving presence of your guardian angels.

Perk # 46: Receiving Special Gifts

Since today is Christmas Eve, I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every person who has sent cards, gifts, well wishes, and prayers to me over the past nine months.  I would also like to thank those who gave the gift of time, to visit, to bring food, and to sit with me during chemo and other appointments.   I am not sure if cyber-space is big enough to hold all of the names or to express my gratitude.  Every gift, big and small, is special to me.  Some gifts however, in addition to being a thoughtful gesture, also have an interesting story behind them, and I would like to share some of these stories with you.

Butterflies and Angels:

Long before I got cancer, I felt connected to the angels.  (I can get away with saying without sounding too crazy because I have cancer).   In addition to feeling the presence of angels, I get signs, in particular, white feathers and blue butterflies.  Since my diagnosis, the signs have become so plentiful that there is just no way they can be dismissed as mere coincidence.

While I have undergone many painful and uncomfortable procedures over the past several months, nothing can compare to the mental anguish of “waiting for test results”.   That was the time when I most needed the comfort of my angels, and during that time, they took many opportunities to make their presence known, as in the story below.

The likelihood of seeing a blue butterfly in Newfoundland ranks at about the same as seeing a Zebra come out of the woods.  Yet, during my “waiting” phase, I saw one in my garden, (NO! Not a zebra, a blue butterfly!)  It was a beautiful day in May when I caught sight of this “neon blue” small butterfly fluttering among my tulips and daffodils.  I was mesmerized by how it not only fluttered around my flowers, but also seemed to dance around my body.  I ran into the house to get Ronnie, my babysitter, to witness this small miracle.  As she and I talked quietly, the butterfly continued to dance around me for several minutes.  It then landed on my left breast, the one with cancer, before flying off towards the water.

The very next day, Ronnie was at my house when a package arrived in the mail.  It was a gift from Nancy, a teacher I had worked with.  When I opened the box, both myself and Ronnie were amazed to see a pendant of a blue butterfly, which was almost an exact replica in size and color as the one we had seen in my garden the day before.  I immediately sent Nancy an email message to thank her for her gift and to ask, “How did you know the significance of blue butterflies to me?”  She responded, “I did not know that they are meaningful to you.  I was in a store in Florida when I saw this and it reminded me of you.  I left the store with my husband, but felt so compelled that I had to go back to buy it.”   I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence, rather these signs are God’s way of letting us know that everything is happening according to his plan.

Pictured above is a statue of an angel holding a butterfly which Ronnie gave me as a Christmas gift.  Pictured as well are the butterfly pendant given to me by Nancy, and a gold locket with two angels given to me by my sister Juana, herself an angel, who nursed me though many hard days.



This beautiful portrait, hand painted by artist Angela Hardy,  was given to me by a man I’ve never actually met.  The Reverend Canon Kevin George is a priest who lives in Ontario.   He saw my interview on the NTV news, and since then has been so kind to me with prayers, remembering me in his service, paying tribute to me in his own blog, and now this special gift.  Along with the gift was a thoughtful message…”You are an inspiration to so many.  In the midst of your pain and suffering you are offering acts of love and sharing your story with others and encouraging a positive outlook.  May God’s light continue to shine brightly though you, and through your witness.”    Thank you Reverend, I do not feel worthy of your kind words (ask anyone who knows me, I am not THAT nice in real life!).


Tammy  was a woman who grew up just a few houses away from where I grew up.   Given that she was a few years older than me, I didn’t really know her as a child, but I do remember hearing about her diagnosis of breast cancer many years ago.  Sadly, Tammy lost her battle with this disease and left behind two young sons.   For some strange reason, yesterday I kept thinking about Tammy, and feeling a peaceful presence.   Later in the day, mom arrived with a card and a gift from Tammy’s sister-in-law, Daisy, another woman from home, with whom my only connection with has been through Facebook.   In her handwritten note, Daisy compared me to Tammy, which from what I know about this woman, is an honour in itself.  She gifted me with this tiny bumblebee, and an even greater gift in this beautiful message which I am sure we all can relate to during difficult times: “This little box is holding a replica of a bumblebee.  This winged creature has a body too heavy for its wings.  It is a symbol of strength and endurance, as it should never be able to fly-yet it does!  Any day you are not feeling well, look at it and let its symbolism give you the strength and endurance to persevere in the face of all odds.”

Once again, thank you to all for your generosity and kindness.   Merry Christmas, and in the words of Tiny Tim: God Bless Us Everyone!

Tip: We are all given our crosses to bear in life.  When we open our eyes to heavenly signs and messages, these crosses become much easier to bear.


Perk #7: I Can Admit I Believe in Angels and Fairies

Having cancer allows me to feel comfortable being the REAL me.  I can even come out of the “spiritual closet” and admit that I believe in Angels and Fairies, without people calling me CRAZY……….well at least not to my face.

Tip:  You don’t have to wait to get cancer to be the real you, but if you have been holding back, now is a great time to start!