Healthy & Powerfully Feminine‏

Hi everyone!  I noticed a few people have come on board with the “Healthier Eating Challenge”.  In case you missed it, you can find my post (and recipes) on kale HERE, and my quinoa post HERE, with 3 more super-foods to feature in the coming weeks.

But, let’s take a break from that.  I have recently cyber-met a lovely lady who is taking on a fabulous project to help cancer survivors everywhere.  In this post, she tells us about her project and links us to her site, where you can find more information.  So please take a few minutes to read Mireille’s post:


Mireille Parker is a transformational life coach who works with female entrepreneurs to incorporate their femininity into their business for more ease, flow and fun in their lives. After going through a health crisis with breast cancer, Mireille knows the importance of empowering our bodies to heal, developing our feminine essence and balancing it with our masculine to work smarter, not harder, and putting the structures and boundaries in place that support our well-being. Originally from Australia, she is now living an active life in Switzerland and has recently completed her first novel, Wonderlust. She is also a dancer and yoga-fan, who balances green juice with champagne, prioritises weekly massages and loves being in nature. 

What does it mean to be a healthy and powerfully feminine woman?


How would it feel to have a healthy relationship with your body, to be in communication with her, to be proud of your imperfections, to cultivate gratitude and tend to your mind, conscious of what you’re putting in to it just as you are with your body?


Imagine being pleasureful, playful, fun and full of joy and passion, sensual and present, lit up from the inside, appreciating your beauty, pampering yourself and being in a loving, supportive community.


This is who you are. This is your female essence. You are vibrant like the trees and the sky. You are alive like water and sunlight. You are feminine, powerful and healthy.


It’s a gift to be a woman.


For years we’ve tried to keep up, we’ve pushed to get ahead and become disconnected to our bodies.  But this is a new era. It’s the age of the healthy and powerfully feminine woman.


In the Healthy and Powerfully Feminine Interview Series, starting September 22nd, we’ll be going deep about not only physical/external health, but also how to be healthy on an emotional and spiritual level.


I’ll be interviewing ten incredible women from around the world, including…

Women who have healed menstrual and digestive issues, precancerous conditions & endometriosis.

Your very own Susan Gonzales, stage III cancer survivor and advocate for holistic healing.

Plus, mentors on feminine leadership, women’s empowerment, health & nutrition, lifestyle design for moms and wellness and weight-loss through pleasure & sensuality.

We’re talking about how to empower our bodies to heal and be healthy, how to create more flow, ease and fun in our lives, developing intuition and guidance, the importance of beauty, how to deal with our emotions and cultivating our feminine power while being successful in our careers.


For more information, come join us at

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