Set Them Free!!!



As I was scrolling down through Facebook this morning, this hit me in the face.   Is it just me, or does anyone else find this ad offensive?

Can anyone tell me how setting one’s ta-ta’s free by going bra-less is in any way “supporting breast cancer”?

And what’s up with trying  to make breast cancer look SEXY?

Here is a picture of me a few days after my mastectomy.

post mastectomy

Pale, skinny, and bald. Believe it or not, I was even wearing make-up here! (I can tell by my neatly drawn on eyebrows.)  Sexy? I think not. (Cute? Maybe.)

Or how about this?  (Taken from the Scar Project).  Folks, this is what breast cancer REALLY looks like.

scar project

So, needless to say, on October 13th I will not be setting my lone ta-ta free. It will be held snugly in place in my mastectomy bra, right next to the bag of rice that currently serves as my left ta-ta.

However,  since November is prostate cancer awareness month, I would like to issue  a challenge of my own: On November 13th, lets…..


Blog pic2




Click below to get your……

4-day button copy

10 thoughts on “Set Them Free!!!

  1. That poster feels so wrong to me.Especially since Canadian and American Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day is on October 13th.Lets share that message on October 13th.

  2. For someone battling cancer having to lose their woman parts or ta tas is no joke and a life saving decision. Celebrate Hell No! The scars don’t lie. I find it offensive so I can’t imagine how someone who has cancer would feel. Its not about the boobies!

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