Radical Remission of Cancer

When my cousin was just 2 years old, she was diagnosed with leukemia and was literally “at death’s door”.  The doctors informed my aunt and uncle that there was no hope; cancer had invaded more than 90% of her body.  She was sent home to die.  Weeks later, her condition seemed to be improving and she was brought back to the hospital for a check- up.  Miraculously, without further medical treatments,  the cancer had completely vanished from her body and now, 35 years later, she remains cancer free!  She is one of thousands of documented cases of what was once known as “spontaneous remission”, and is now more appropriately named “radical remission.”

I have since read about and actually met other survivors who have experienced radical remission of cancer.  One of the most amazing examples is my friend, Sherry Bishop.   More than four years ago, she was diagnosed with incurable stage 4 breast cancer, and given a life expectancy of two years.  Today, there is no evidence of the disease in her body.  (You can read  her story here.)

How do we explain these seemingly “miraculous” cures of “incurable” cancer?  I just happened to stumble upon the work of Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD, whose book, “Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds,” will be published by Harper Collins in March 2014.  Dr. Turner has examined over 1000 cases around the world of the radical remission of cancer.  She prefers the term “radical remission” to “spontaneous remission” as the latter term implies that the remission is a fluke of nature.  The data that she has been collecting suggests otherwise.  It appears from her work, and the research of others, such as Tami Boehmer (“From Incurable to Incredible: Cancer Survivors Who Beat the Odds” ) that in most cases, these miraculous cures are not just happenstance.  There are common threads that run through them, and in most cases, these commonalities involve making certain lifestyle changes, or the use of alternative therapies.

So just exactly what type of lifestyle changes have been linked to higher survival rates, decreased risk of a reoccurrence, and even in rare cases, the radical remission of cancer?   I guess you will just have to wait until Feb. 4th, World Cancer Day when I tell you what my co-author, Susan Gonzalez, and I have learned from our research and experience!   (Please be cautioned however that making lifestyle changes does not GUARANTEE higher survival rates, and in no way am I implying that those people who do not “beat cancer” are doing something wrong.)

In the meantime, if you have a personal story to share about your radical remission of cancer, please go to Dr. Turner’s website.

2 thoughts on “Radical Remission of Cancer

  1. Sherry Abbott is another lady who came back from stage four when the cancer had been everywhere. She went through some very hard treatments that have long lasting impact, but she is here and doing well I. 🙂 Amazing things can definitely happen. Now I wish it was the case for everyone.

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