How To Survive A Crisis

There is something simply exhilarating about surviving a crisis, isn’t there?  Nobody wants to face a crisis head on of course, (although we all have done so), but when  all is said and done, facing that crisis like a survivor can really make you feel like the cock of the walk!


This is how I would look as the “cock of the walk”.

You may assume that the crisis I am referring to is surviving cancer.  But you would be wrong.  You should never make assumptions.  That is the “third agreement” from the book The Four Agreements, which would surely change your life if you choose to live by the words of Don Miguel Ruiz…..but  I digress…. No, mes amis, the crisis I am referring to is not surviving cancer, but rather surviving  “hashtag Dark NL”!  (Yes, I do know that there is an actual hashtag symbol…duh, I have two teenagers ya know…)

For those of my faithful followers who are fortunate enough to live in a land far, far away that is devoid of snow, let me begin by saying, “You lucky B@#$%$#s”.   This year Newfoundland has been hit hard with “almost” record breaking snow falls and storms (not to be outdone by the dreaded winter of 2001).  And I dare anybody to say out loud, “This is the worst winter EVER!”  because I can guarantee you that the words would no longer be off your lips when some smart-“A “ will jump out of the wood work to remind you of THAT winter.   But once again I digress…..

As we were nearing the end of an extra-long Christmas break, I awoke on the morning of January 4th to the beeping of my fire alarm, which could only mean one thing:  a power outage.  Well, technically speaking it could have also meant a fire, but let’s not even go there, okay?  Naturally, the first thing I did upon waking  was grab my phone to check facebook, and it soon became apparent to me that this was no ordinary power outage.  More than half of the province of  Newfoundland was out of power!   ( To be politically correct, I guess I should say, the province of “Newfoundland and Labrador”………and while we are on the topic of politics, don’t even get me started on the “Kathy Dunderdale did this on purpose…Muscrat Falls” thing, because I honestly don’t have a clue what all of that means, and I just nod my head in agreement when my very intelligent daughter, Kaitlyn, starts voicing her political opinions!)  So back to my story…..

As soon as I heard that the power was out in places all over the island, I immediately jumped into SURVIVAL MODE!  After all, there was not only me, but also three kids to think about:  we need water; we need food; we need heat; we need wine (no, I’m sorry, I meant “I”….”I need wine”).  So obviously the first thing I did was dive under the Christmas tree to see if anyone had given me wine for a Christmas gift…just kidding of course, that was the second thing I did…the real first thing I did was try to light my fireplace, but the snow was so deep that it had covered the outside vent and the propane would not light, so I had to put on my snow gear and trudge through upwards of 12 feet of snow just  to get to the vent!  I am sure you would love to now hear about how I dug out the vent, kept my kids warm and made sure they were fed and entertained through a major power outage, but hey, as they say, a picture paints a thousand words……

DSCN4441[1]Cooking bacon for the boys on a little stove I made out of tea-light candles on a plate. 

DSCN4446[1]Kaitlyn dressed in many layers to keep warm.

DSCN4449[1]The boys sucking the last bit of power out of their devices.

DSCN4458[1]Getting ready for a game of cards by candlelight….the most fun I’ve had with my kids in years!


 Cuddled down on a make-shift bed in front of the fireplace.

Absent from the photos:  ME.  Hey, what can I say, it was a no shower, no make up kinda day.   And now, my Newfie friends, let us make way for “hashtag wet NL.”

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