Media Star!

Since launching our book in late August, Susan and I have been quite busy with interviews and book promotions.  This weekend alone, we had two radio interviews and one t.v. interview lined up.   We appreciate every opportunity to promote our message of HOPE, and many of our “gigs” are small productions, such as web radio shows.  So, when Susan mentioned a t.v. interview for Saturday morning, I didn’t get all excited, thinking it was perhaps a low budget cable show filmed in someone’s basement.  In fact, I kind of blew it off, saying, “Well, ya know my internet sucks, so my Skype might now work, perhaps it’s better for you to do this one on your own.”  What a surprise I got when I saw Miss Media Star, Susan, rock this interview on Good Day Sacramento!

Isn’t she something?!  (Click on link under the pic)

susan pic


3 thoughts on “Media Star!

  1. WOW –what a great interview Susan!

    Signature Line – March 2013

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    “The greatest compliment is your referral.”

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