Happy Pinktober

Tell Us Your Perks of Having Cancer!

Let me begin by sending a sincere apology to my survivor sisters who may be gagging at the title of this post.   For some, the image of pink ribbons plastered on everything from jewelry to soup cans to toilet paper packaging in the month of October, can cause a bit of “awareness” over-load.  It can be a constant reminder of something we don’t need to be reminded of.   If you have breasts or know someone who does, you are probably already aware of breast cancer, even without the pink ribbons.  With that said, I do believe that raising awareness raises funding which will bring us better treatments and maybe a cure for this dreaded disease!  So during the month of October, Susan and I will be PINKING it up.  Not to raise awareness of breast cancer, or to raise money, but to spread our message of Hope.  I will tell you more about that later, but first let me tell you what we’ve been up to in September.

It’s been a CRAZY busy time for us!    In mid-September, my beloved co-author, Susan, came to Newfoundland to help me do a local launch of our book, 100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It.   We kicked the weekend off by attending  a fundraiser  for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, where we had the opportunity to hob-nob with some very well-known, Newfoundland VIP’s.  The guest speaker of the day, MP Yvonne Jones (herself a breast cancer survivor), surprised us when she concluded her speech by reading a selection from our book.  That made Susan and I feel pretty “VIP”-ish ourselves!  Thanks, Yvonne.  You rock!


(L to R: Paula Tessier; Me; MP Yvonne Jones; Susan and Dwight Ball)

On Saturday, we did a book signing at the largest Chapters store in Newfoundland and we were tickled pink with the turn out!  Chapters completely sold out of our books within minutes!  We apologize to those who came to the event hoping to get a signed copy.  (You can still buy it HERE.)


(Me and Susan getting ready for the Chapters Launch)

Right after the Chapters event, Susan and I boarded my car for the three and a half hour drive to my home on the Burin Peninsula.  On Sunday, we hosted a Lunch and Learn session called “Simple Changes for Healthy Living”.  Again, we were overwhelmed by the support!   We got more than double the number of people that we expected to attend, and unfortunately, we had to turn many away at the door when we could seat no more.  Again, our apologies to those who did not get tickets.  We are planning another event for this spring, even BIGGER and BETTER than before!  (So get your tickets early.)

fooling around(In this shot, Susan covers my ears while Dr. Rayapudi speaks of the EVILS of alcohol)

So, as crazy as the month of September was, October, being breast cancer awareness month, is shaping up to be even CRAZIER!   We have a number of interviews booked (t.v. and radio); book signings; fundraisers; and formal talks.  The thing that Susan and I are perhaps MOST excited about however, is joining forces with Joy of Mom in honor of breast cancer awareness month!

Vicki Reece

(Vicki Reece, founder, Joy of Mom)

Joy of Mom, founded by Vicki Reece, is an organization whose mission it is to simply spread JOY to women all over the world.  Vicki and her organization are loved by millions who follow her on facebook, twitter, her website and various other social media.  For the month of October, in recognition of breast cancer awareness month, she will very generously hand the reins of her blog over to me and Susan.   We have lots of great stuff in store for you this month as we share our personal stories, and introduce you to some phenomenal breast cancer survivors we met, who are living life with joy, hope and optimism.  So stay tuned to my blog for links to the Joy of Mom, as we set out to spread HOPE  through Humor, Optimism, change of Perspective, and Empowermet.  Happy Pinktober!

7 thoughts on “Happy Pinktober

  1. Hi!
    I’m working with a new Breast Cancer organization and I would love to invite you to their celebrity event in New York City on October 10th if you are in the area! You can email me at mbrown@5wpr.com for more information! Thanks!

  2. I absolutely love your blog! I have a blog too. Here’s the link:

    My father recently passed away from cancer, so I created this blog for kids who have a parent with cancer, but now it pertains to everyone! Check it out and feel free to promote it.

    Hope to be blogging buddies now:)

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