A Tribute to Beck: The Girl Who Believed In Miracles


I first met Beck when she strolled into my office at Marystown Central High School to have a chat.  While I have met hundreds of students over the years, something about this girl stood out to me.  She seemed like an old soul in a young body; possessing far too much wisdom for a 17 year old.   Later I heard that Beck had “hooked up” (as the young folks would say) with my cousin’s daughter, April, so essentially, she became part of my extended family.  I am not quite sure if it happened before or after she met the love of her life, but I do recall the horror I felt upon hearing the devastating news that she had cancer.   Even sadder than the diagnosis, was the realization that a medical error prevented her diagnosis from being shared for about a year; a time during which the cancer metastasized to other parts of her body.  Essentially, due to a medical over-sight, Beck’s cancer had advanced to stage 4.

I can only imagine the anger and resentment that I would feel towards that doctor; a doctor who admitted to Beck that he must have been “multi-tasking and skimmed her report like a flyer”(to quote Beck’s blog).  But instead of being bitter, Beck wrote: “ I understand people make mistakes and I forgive him…..”  There are very few people who would be able to forgive a mistake of that magnitude.  But that was Beck.

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Beck and I kept up a dialogue on facebook, sharing our hopes, fears, and dreams.  I remember laughing when she wrote to me: “You are such a girly-girl, it must have been hard for you to lose your hair, but I LOVE my new look!”   And as the picture shows, Beck sure did rock that look.


When I started blogging, Beck would often comment on my posts.  One of her comments really struck a chord with me and I decided to share it, not only on my blog, but also in my book 100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It.  Here is what then  19 year old Beck, said to me:

“I fight because I’m finally happy. I love living life… A lot of people when they’re diagnosed look at it as “I’m dying,” the way I look at it, I’m living until the day I die. I’m trying my hardest to stay strong and keep the people that matter to me, happy. You just have to live each day to the fullest.

Being diagnosed was the best, but worst thing that’s ever happened to me. It made me open my eyes fully and realize how important the simplicity of life is. It’s not about money or fancy things, it’s the simple things like watching my brother grow older, teaching him about the things I’ve learned throughout my lifetime, making my mom smile,  and making the best of every day so that when the day comes that  I pass away, my loved ones are left with the best of memories.

When people say half the battle is your attitude, it’s so true!  When a lot of people are diagnosed, they give up. They’re discouraged, fearful and it’s completely understandable.  But if you keep a positive attitude, I believe anyone can beat this, even if the doctor’s say there’s no chance of curing the illness. There ARE miracles!”

Although Beck never experienced a miracle cure of the cancer which took her life on July 23rd, at the young age of 20, her life itself was the miracle.  With her fighting attitude, she far out-lived her prognosis, and accomplished some amazing things in the process.  How many people with stage 4 cancer do you think would sign up to go to college?  That was Beck.  How many terminally ill people do you think would devote their precious time left on earth sending words of encouragement to others, such as: “I believe that if everyone made an effort to commit simple, kind gestures for others that this world would be a much greater, peaceful and safe place to live in.”  That was Beck.

As I was reading through some of Beck’s Facebook posts this morning, this one written on October 11, 2012 summed it up for me:  “If you can’t get a miracle, become one. Beck, I am happy that you continued to believe in miracles. While you did not get your miracle cure, your beautiful spirit and ageless wisdom was a miracle to all those who were fortunate enough to have been part of your life.  When you did not get your miracle, you certainly became one. I believe in angels and I believe that you were an angel on earth, and now you soar with the angels above.  May you rest in peace.



66 thoughts on “A Tribute to Beck: The Girl Who Believed In Miracles

  1. Thanks for starting my day off to be a positive one just by reading this is all it takes . This is beautiful, so was Beck and so are you huggss

  2. Using your own words and some quotes from Beck, you put together this beautiful piece that is certainly worth reading. I’m sure that Beck could of come up with a 101 Perks of Cancer just because she had to see the best in everything. Never once complained or wondered why me. Zach (10 year old brother) did tell Beck a perk of cancer that you overlooked. “The best thing about getting cancer is that you can’t get lice.” Maybe that very positive attitude is going to live on in him.Thank you Florence, a job very well done.

  3. Wow beautiful,i did not know Beck but from what im reading it sounds like she was a true inspiration and will continue to be for many,wish there were more like her,thanks for sharing,,RIP Beautiful young lady!

  4. Wow!!!How can you not look at that smile and sit back and be thankfull for the simple things in life.Thank you for sharing. God bless you!!!

  5. What a beautiful soul Beck was. I didn’t have the privilege of knowing her but just from reading this post & a few more over the past few days, I can see what a wise beyond her years, happy person she was. I think if more people saw the world through Beck’s eyes, everyone would be leading happier, more content lives & enjoying the simple pleasures that are truly the greatest gifts. She really was an angel on earth. God bless her.

  6. This is so true and she was one amazing person. Beck got me through a lot these past few years by showing me how positive, strong and great fighter she was. I have been fighting my own battle and still staying strong. I will always remember you Beck forever and please watch over us all my friend. XoXo

  7. Beautiful!! Beck you have inspired some many people.Not once did you give up fighting this battle. You have touched the lives of some many people. May you sore with the angels beautiful.

  8. Oh Florence you have captured her so beautifully. I first met Beck when she came to CNA – what a sprite of a personality! Her wisdom, strength and determination will live on in those she knew. As you said, she was an angel on earth – therefore I can only imagine the impact that she is having in heaven! May she rest in peace.

  9. Beautiful. I never met this lovely girl personally but my daughter was her friend and spoke of her too many times to count. Beck’s spirit and wisdom touched more lives than we will know. Beautiful, beautiful soul.

  10. This is such a beautiful read…and so utterly sad at the same time..Fly with the angels Beck and know that you have touched so many lives here on earth..xoxox

  11. Our God was sure at work in her life! Cancer may have taken over her body, but her soul was definitely in our Lord’s hands. Thank you for sharing this and helping others see what is really important. I truly believe Becky is so alive now continuing her amazing goodness with Jesus Himself!

  12. This really touches my heart , and is a true inspiration as to how we should all live our lives ! I did not know Beck personally , but my thoughts and prayers are with her family , and there is no doubt she is definitely watching over you all as an angel from above . Soar free you sweet girl !!

  13. I really wish I had the honour of even talking to beck in person. But this piece is beautifully and carefully put together to reflect on beck, and it certainly has. Everyone needs a person like Beck in their lives to remind them of the true beauty of life itself, and even every day in general. Beck is truly inspirational. rest in peace beautiful! ❤

  14. Beautiful she is truly and angel,and will be missed by a lot of people.She has a great bunch of wonderful friends I only know some though my neice chelsey but from what I know they are great.I love them.

  15. una what a beautiful girl I wish there was more like her she sure make you understand what life is about soar with the angles BECK

  16. I think Becky was such a courageous and inspirational person. I did not know her personally but did hear alot about how strong and brave this young girl was. She will not suffer any more, for she is in god’s hands. R.I.P. precious girl you are now an angel among angels.

  17. You are and always be a very special angel, I know the feeling of being told you have cancer. Its not a nice word to hear, God bless you Beck you have touch so many peoples lives. RIP angel you will always be remember.

  18. This is so beautiful ..As well I didn’t know Beck .But I often ask her mom how she was doing.And how she as her mom was holding up..So I guess Beck got her strength from her mom as well ..Char her mom seems to have a positive sprite as well ..never gave up hope until the end ..May your mom ,Dad and little brother find peace with out you there….R.I.P Beck ..

  19. Wow.. I didn’t know you Beck , but I wish I had ! This is beautiful ,I wish there was more people in the world like you 🙂 I hope you rest easy beautiful angle xo!

  20. Beautiful and inspiring….she left the world a better place because she was here, and she lived her best, fullest life, making the people around her all the better for knowing her, I’m sure…..

  21. Gerry, thanks for sharing Beck’s story on facebook and thanks to the physicians who admitted their mistake,so that Beck could forgive them and move on with her life, which she lived to the fullest, however short it was.
    When more physicians can admit their mistakes, without fear of reprisal, other patients may benefit earlier from what is taught from that “mistake” and their learning process will benefit us all. – Patient’s rule:”it is not a matter of life and death, it’s much more important than that.- anonymous. My book,Judging Judi and how I had suffered due to medical error is available at Lulu. Com.

  22. I never had the pleasure of meeting Charolettes daughter Becky but she was a good friend to little cousins of mine on the south coast, may you soar with the angels RIP Dear Becky

  23. I didn’t personally know Beck, just seen her around every now & then. She was a beautiful person inside & out. This piece you have written is very inspirational & It truly is amazing for someone to stay so positive while fighting such a battle. From what I’ve read & heard from others she really was a stunning individual. RIP Beck ❤

  24. She sure was a beautiful woman,and im sure she will never be forgotton,always in your hearts,,,such a strong person,rip my love.

  25. An inspiring young woman who was taken too soon. My heart breaks for her family & friends. I wish I had the opportunity to meet/know Beck – her optimistic attitude & strength was beyond her years. We could all learn a thing or two from her. A true beauty inside & out, an angel who now has her wings.. I hope her loved ones take comfort in knowing she has made such an impact on other people’s lives. May you rest in peace, Beck ❤

  26. Truly an Inspiration to All,What a Wonderful Story about An Amazing Young Lady.
    I lost My Mom to Cancer 28 yrs ago,She Was My Inspiration.
    R.I.P Becky…. You are an Angel in Heaven xo

  27. You were a inspiration to everyone Becky, My heart is filled with sadness, thinking about the people who lost you from there lives.You will forever remain in there lives. You will live on through them. RIP sweet angel. This is an AMAZING story.

  28. what a inspirational story.she sure was one of a kind to know that her physician made a huge mistake and she forgave him..i wish i would have known her.she sure was a fighter.R.I.P. Becky.

  29. Just what I needed to hear at this point in my life. What a wonderful and couRageous person Beck is! Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the day to day negativity, complaining and the material desires. Florence and Beck you have just given me a big shake and reminded me that the present is all I need or desire and that tomorrow will look after itself…thanks.

  30. This is beautiful. Just like Beck. I was Beck’s bus driver for the last year she was in high school. What a beautiful person, inside and out. She was so caring and had a way about her that just made you want to sit and talk to her for hours. She adored her Mom. She told me that her mom was Awesome. It is so hard to see such a young person, full of life and ambition taken away from us way to early. Life is so unfair. That is why we must try to live each day as if it were our last and take care of the little things because it is the little things that make up the big picture. R.I.P Beck. You know you were loved!!

  31. Thank you for sharing her story with others Florence. It needs to be told and shared with the world.You above anyone could certainly relate to Beck on a different level. We were in town today attending a soccer tournament for Kobe who shares the same birth date as Beck and there was a small yellow and black butterfly around us all day. It was another sign. Look out for Beck’s signs people- they are there! Beautiful spoken and written.

  32. I was very blessed to have known Becky. Her passing has left a big hole in the hearts of everyone that knew her. She was such an inspiration to us all. She will be missed dearly.

  33. I am so very sorry for the awful loss of your dear friend, beck. thank you for sharing her story, for all the inspiration it will surely give others, and for allowing us to rally round you, Florence, to offer support, comfort, and love.

    Karen, TC

  34. I fortunately,am a surviver of third stage of colan cancer.I was fifty-three at that time.I never said why,of my cancer,but decided,what is,,,,,is.That was fourteen years ago,but I do ask myself,”why” when I read a story like this.I could never explain my feelings or thoughts well enough for others to understand.I am truly thankful for still being here,but highs are hearing of people who beat this abdominal desease,thee lows are for all those that don’t.God Bless this beautiful youg girl”BECK” for her poise & sense of a brilliant undertaking of her life,after being diagnosed,along with her forgiving nature.

  35. This is absolutely beautiful; thank you for sharing this heart-filled story. If only more people could have such an amazing outlook on the lives we live. Beck is truly an angle. Rest in peace ❤

  36. I wish I had the privilege of meeting Beck.She is an inspiration to so many and she will live on in alot of her family and friends.She sure did have a great attitude about it all.Positive energy go very far.Rip Beautiful and my prayers are with her family at this time.

  37. Beck sounds amazing and truly was an angel on Earth! Please I hope you don,t mind but I must share with you, that the same thing happened to a very dear Friend…Mother…Wife and a true angel! Her Doctor also skimmed through her report and didn,t see the important findings that could have very well saved her life! I was so angry at her doctor but that wasnt going to change the outcome! My friend lost her short battle with pancreatic cancer and left behind a Loving Husband, 3 beautiful amazing Daughters and many family members and friends! Blessings to you and Beck and all of the fallen angels who left us behind way too soon! ❤

  38. My heart splits in two and bleeds for this family I have become a huge part of. She was indeed special,along with her Mom and Dad,her Nan and Pop Rowe,her Nan and Pop Smith whom I knew long before her, her Aunt Shadow and especially her special cousin Scotty who is now a major part of our family. She was someone who impacted my life dramatically and will forever live on!!

  39. Wow beautiful,i did not know Beck but from what im reading it sounds like she was a true inspiration and will continue to be for many,wish there were more like her,thanks for sharing,,RIP Beautiful young lady!

  40. My daughter is my INSPIRATION. My daughter Is my BEST friend. My daughter is the most unselfish, caring, beautiful, loving, talented, free spirited individual that I’ve ever known. My daughter is my EVERYTHING and will forever be missed and loved by ME. I would like to thank you all for your support and kind words during the past three years. THANK YOU!!! Thank you Florence for getting to know Beck and for sharing this with the world. HUGS!!!

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  42. What a beautiful and amazing story. Becky was truly an inspiration and role model to all who was lucky enough to know her. Rip sweet angel.

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