The Hike

“Why don’t we hike Siganl Hill tomorrow?”, my cousin Lil casually suggested one day last week.

“Sure, sounds like fun!” I innocently responded, with not a clue of what was in store for me!

Well, it was all fun and games starting out, with me and Lil laughing, joking, and stopping at strategic points along the trail to take some “selfies”.

The Hike 017

We were having so much fun, in fact, that I am sure we could have been mistaken for a couple of crazy-in-love lesbians.  Please don’t get me wrong.   I am not making a negative slur about lesbians.  In fact, given my history of man problems I sometimes think it is a cruel injustice that I wasn’t born one myself.  I am just saying we looked very happy together, that’s all.

We took some lovely shots of the narrows as we strolled along, and I was so enthralled by the scenic beauty that I barely noticed how steep the incline had become.   Let’s just say, we were hiking a trail where only mountain goats should tread.   For part of the (six inch wide)  trial, there was nothing but a rock wall to my left, and a sheer cliff with a drop of about 200 feet to my right.  At one point, and I kid you not, there was actually a chain handrail  to prevent one from plummeting  to one’s death on the sharp rocks below.   Lil was unfazed, as she casually strolled in front of me, mountain-goat-like, while fearlessly holding the chain with one hand.   I followed, two hands firmly clasped to the chain, eyes bulged, with my left cheek and full body firmly pressed to the rock wall on the left.  I wish I had a picture to share, but hey I was way too busy trying to stay alive!

Finally we broke to the top of the hill and once again I was spellbound by the natural beauty  of our scenic province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Hike 013


As I gazed at the seagulls flying below me….stop!…yes, you read that right…the seagulls were flying BELOW me….that’s how high up we were…I felt that I had just climbed Mount Everest.  I was actually reveling in my sense of accomplishment, when I discovered that we were only halfway up the hill.  (When I say “hill” of course, I mean by Newfoundland standards.  When my friend Susan was visiting from Georgia a couple of weeks ago, she said, “You call those hills?  Where I come from we call them mountains!”)

So here is me, realizing that I still had to climb several hundred steps before I finally reached the summit:

The Hike 018

 But I did it!  With major gluteus maximus burn, I finally stood atop Signal Hill, where Lil and I sat and ate organic apples and entertained ourselves by making fun of the tourists.

The Hike 022

I will admit, my glutes are still burning and I have diagnosed myself with a mild case of post- traumatic stress disorder (well I am a Psycyhologist, so I am qualified to make the diagnosis).  You may be wondering, would I ever do it again?  Well, hell yeah!  (So Susan, you know what is in store for you when you visit in September!)


7 thoughts on “The Hike

  1. Love this!! I’ve done this trail too, and it is an up hill climb, but definitely worth it in the end..:)

    • We have had great weather ever since you left….actually wishing for some rain for my flowers now. September is usually nice around here, so you will get to see my beautiful province next time!

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