Can A Woman Still Be Sexy With One Breast? (Or No Breasts?)

A couple of weeks ago as Shawn and I were getting ready for bed, he remarked, “You look great  Darlin’, but can’t you wear something besides my old tattered t-shirts to bed?”   After I finished raking him over the coals, I gave it some thought, and he was right.  I had not been making much of an effort in the boudoir/bedroom attire.  A few weeks ago, I told you about how I got my groove back on the dance floor (click here).  But, despite being groovey on the dance floor, I had not fully recovered my groove in the bedroom following my left breast mastectomy.  (Dear God, I hope my parents or teens aren’t reading this!)  So I decided to do something about it.

I called up a very talented photographer I know, named Colin Pittman(find him here), and set up an appointment for boudoir shots.  Colin is very generous in sharing part of the proceeds from these sessions with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, so I felt quite legit in doing it.  Heck, it even came up in our latest CBC Radio Interview (which you can listen to here), but I managed to cover up with, “Yes, I am doing boudoir photos to help raise money for the CBCF.”   (But y’all know that’s not the real reason, right?)

Colin was magical, and to make it even more fun, my co-writer, Susan (the Savvy Sister) was visiting from Georgia and she came along and got shots done too!  (You will be hearing lots more about Susan’s visit in my next post.)  We had such a hoot at that photo shoot, I recommend that if you ever decide to do a session, take along a friend.

On our CBC Radio Interview earlier this week, a lady called in who was very emotional about the loss of her breast and trying to come to grips with a new body image. It is not easy.  The breasts are linked to our sexuality and our femininity.  For a long time I felt that it was impossible to look sexy after losing a breast……………………..I don’t think that way anymore.

Sexy flo

Now I challenge Susan to share some of her sexy photos!

42 thoughts on “Can A Woman Still Be Sexy With One Breast? (Or No Breasts?)

    • Nice to get a comment from a man, and thank you! (I hope this is the same Terry Penny I am thinking about…the singer…and not some woman named Terry….that would be embarrassing)

  1. Looking great Florence…!!!! I mean healthy and vibrant. You are a fighter and a very positive lady. I hope that my two daughters ( you’re nieces ) have some your sponk for turning something scary, life threatening and life altering into something positive to help others…!!! Keep up the good fight………

  2. Florence thanks for sharing this story. Sexuality after cancer is definitely a huge mountain to climb. Your honesty and ability to continue to move forward, inspires and empowers others following your journey. I know you inspire me.

  3. You are indeed a strong, beautiful woman. Florence. A great role model for a lot of us women out there. God bless and keep healthy.

  4. Beautiful, Florence, I love your positive fighting spirit, and you are truly a beautiful person inside and out!!!!

  5. You still have a beautiful cleavage! I too did not reconstruct a left breast (didn’t want to deal with possible surgery or implant leakage problems, or more surgery to replace it down the road, also I’m a AA cup so it just wasn’t that big of a deal to me). While I’m very comfortable with how I look to me – and am very happy with my appearance in clothing and bras with a form – I now am regretful that I didn’t take my husband’s feelings into account more in terms of how sexy, how turned on he’ll be when I take off my lingerie in bed. And yes, I know, “if he really loves me, etc.” but men just like breasts no matter what the size, right? Could those in the same situation share any insights? I will definitely check out Chakara Design. Thanks

  6. My late wife Mollie had a mastectomy before she and I met. I told her my love never depended on how many breasts she had.

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