Do You Or Someone You Love Have Facebook Phobia??!!!


Please answer these questions honestly:

-Do you proclaim, “Oh, I don’t USE Facebook” with the same air of indignation that one might say, “Oh, I don’t SMOKE!”

-Do you resist setting up a Facebook account because you feel that you are in some way “superior” to those who use Facebook?

-Do you really believe that most people who use Facebook are “Up to no good”?

-Do you think that using Facebook lowers one’s intelligence?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then you may be suffering from Facebook Phobia!

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why people choose NOT to have a Facebook account, such as:

-“I am really protective of my privacy, almost to the point of being neurotic.”  (Natasha, age 34)*

-“The truth is, I follow my daughter’s Facebook account, but I know that if I had an account, I would spend ALL of my free time on there!” (Diane, age 40)*

-“I don’t know how to use a computer. But please show me how many people wished me a Happy Birthday on YOUR  Facebook account!”  (Dad, age 70)*

(*Names have been changed to protect privacy.)

So I am not saying that every person without a Facebook account has a phobia.  People have their own reasons for choosing not to be a part of the 21st Century social world. I don’t have a problem with that.  What puzzles me, however, are those people who look at Facebook fanatics such as myself as being just one step above heroin addicts!

Sure, there is lots of B.S going around on Facebook.  Hey, there is lots of B.S on radio, T.V, newspapers and anywhere else people get to publically voice their opinions.  But there is also a lot of GOOD happening on Facebook……and I would like to point out some of the good that I witness each day.  (‘Cause that’s the perky kinda person I am:)

-Yesterday as soon as I got home from work, I grabbed my laptop (aptly named “Lappie”) to find out what has been happening in the Facebook world in my 8 hour absence.  I was sad to learn that a family in a neighbouring community had just lost their home to a fire.  But it was so good to see the outpouring of charity for this family in their time of need.  Within hours of the tragedy, Facebook users were calling for donations for the family, even giving their clothes and shoe sizes, and setting up venues for donations to be dropped off.  What a caring community, these Facebookers!

-In my first year working as a Guidance Counsellor, I was tickled to have a set of very mischievous twins in my school (well, at least ONE was full of mischief!).  Sadly, twenty years later, one of the boys has been diagnosed with leukemia, and his brother has just donated his bone marrow.  Although I do not have direct contact with this family, I follow their progress daily on Facebook.  In addition to cheering them on, the Facebook community has been very active in fundraising to help offset their financial burden.  What a powerful force, these Facebookers!

-A former colleague of mine is in the process of quitting smoking.  She puts regular up-dates on Facebook and we cheer her on in her challenge.  Recently she wrote that she was about ready to cave in to an intense craving when she remembered how her Facebook community has supported her so far in her goal, and this helped her to resist the temptation.  What a great support network, these Facebookers!

-I would be amiss not to mention my own experience with the Facebook Community.  When I was going through treatments for cancer in 2011 and 2012, I would regularly post my status to Facebook and I was honored by the support from my Facebook community.  Whether it was a “praying for you”; “thinking of you”; or “wishing you well”; all were written with good intent and therefore were powerful forms of prayer.  Say what you will, I am PROUD to be a Facebooker!

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9 thoughts on “Do You Or Someone You Love Have Facebook Phobia??!!!

  1. Agreed! The good outweighs the bad. Throughout my treatment, I’ve received support and encouragement from friends scattered around the country that I would not have been in contact with otherwise. The good side of FB is truly wonderful!

  2. I love facebook! I always tell people that FB can be whatever you need it to be. For me, it’s been a positive thing and opened up doors, reconnections with people, and has helped me keep me in touch with certain people without taking up an inordinate amount of time. That’s important for me since I hate the phone.

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