Take The Meatless Monday Challenge!


Just two short years ago, I figured that having a salad with my shake-n-bake chicken and mashed potatoes, was the epitome of healthy eating!   (By salad, of course I mean iceberg lettuce with chopped tomato, smothered in creamy ranch or Caesar dressing.)   Then something happened that changed my whole outlook on healthy living.  That “something” was stage 3 breast cancer, which boasts a five year survival rate of just over 50%.  That scared the Bejesus out of me!

At first I felt completely helpless with my diagnosis.  This monster was invading my body and there was not a thing I could do about it.  But then I started to do some research, and I soon learned that I could greatly reduce my risk of a cancer reoccurrence through diet and exercise. I felt so empowered by this knowledge!  So I made up my mind:  if I have to change my diet to increase my chances of surviving cancer, I WILL change my diet!  If I have to exercise more, I WILL exercise more! If I have to give up wine ……wait, let’s not get carried away here (wine is considered vegan after all.)

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions from people who are interested in adopting healthier eating habits, but are not sure of where to start.   My advice to you is this: Baby Steps.  If you try to go from a full blown carnivore to plant based eating overnight, you may be setting yourself up for failure.  A great way to get a taste of plant based eating is to go one day per week without meat.  So Susan and I are issuing a challenge to our readers:  Meatless Monday.  All that is required is that you go Meatless for six consecutive Monday’s; just one day per week of REALLY healthy eating.   The challenge starts on Monday, March 4th.  Each Saturday, we will be posting delicious recipes and tips on our blogs.  If you are interested in taking the challenge, please go to our Facebook page , 100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips For Surviving It and sign up!  (And while you’re there, be sure to LIKE our page if you haven’t already done so.)

Come on!  Take the challenge…..I dare ya!

3 thoughts on “Take The Meatless Monday Challenge!

  1. I believe in baby steps. We are all going to have to learn to eat better, and I am learning a great deal from your blog and others like it. I love “Honk If You’re Vegan,” too.

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