In the early hours of Saturday, January 19th, an emergency Skype meeting was called by the executive of “Perks of Cancer” (consisting mostly of me and Susan with Shawn popping on the screen from time to time to give his 2 cents worth).   Key on the agenda was the Armstrong Fiasco.  We figure it is only a matter of time before the press starts hounding us for a statement, so we had to get to work on our press release.  Here it is: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, LANCE ARMSTRONG MAY BE A CROOK AT CYCLING, BUT HE IS A CHAMPION OF CANCER, SAYS PERKS OF CANCER EXECUTIVE.

But seriously, folks, you can’t turn on the T.V. or radio these days without hearing about the Armstrong debacle.  It seems that everyone has an opinion on Lance, with most of them being very negative!  Hey, I’m not saying that cheating is ever right, but it’s not black or white; no one person is completely good or completely bad.  There are shades of grey (50 of them, to be exact!).  In the words of my fellow blogger, Tami Boehmer, “He isn’t evil. He isn’t a hero. As much as we want to wrap someone up in a neat label, it’s an illusion. Mother Theresa suffered from depression and admitted she was miserable most of the time. JFK was a great leader, but he cheated on his wife. A majority of our early presidents, including the great George Washington, owned slaves. Does that erase the good they’ve done? Hardly.”   (To read more of Tami’s post, go here:

And so, while we briefly considered striking the name of Lance Armstrong from the pages of “100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It”, in the end we decided that it will stay.  While we do not agree with how he cheated the sports world, we do admire how he cheated death, and we recognize all that the Livestrong Foundation has done for the cancer community.  The way we see it, you can cheat at sports, but ya can’t cheat at beating cancer.  He did that fair and square.  Gotta go, the phone is ringing, I think it is NIKE looking for an endorsement…LiveSTRANG! (Get it, Florence Strang…LiveStrang???? No?)


8 thoughts on “LiveStrang

  1. Flo your postings are always on message and timely – thank you for your insightful commentary as I have been mulling over my thoughts on the Armstrong issue: not that I give one damn about who can cycles faster – but that’s another story 😉

    Yes, we are so intent on delineating heros and demons – when within us all both co-exist and at different times and in different contexts, the hero or the demon prevails. Nonetheless we must continue to encourage the hero and suppress the demon.

    Anxious to see your printed book as I have too many friends and family who need your inspirational words and health suggestions for fighting the big ‘C’.

  2. What I dont understand about the Armstrong situation was that he required surgical and chemical castration for testicular cancer which would require testosterone therapy for medical reasons for the rest of his life. This is the main drug that he has tested positive for!!

  3. I think most everyone would agree with your comments, Florence…certainly those affected by cancer. What he did, re drugs, was damaging to himself…what he did for cancer research helped many. Thanks for your perks.

  4. He certainly did an AWESOME thing with the Livestrong Foundation, great blog as always Florence.

    So HAPPY to hear you had a GREAT report this week.

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!! 🙂

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