The Savvy Sister

What a wonderful age of technology we live in!  To think, that sitting here in little ole Lewin’s Cove, Newfoundland, I co-authored a book with a woman who lives in Georgia.   Our book is being published by a man who lives in California, whom neither of us has ever met.  The 500 page manuscript just magically flew through cyber space, and is now being scrutinized by an editor living in God-knows-where.

When people ask how I met my co-author, (the beautiful) Susan Gonzalez, I have to admit, that technically, we have never met.  We have only ever talked via emails, texts and skype.   I first came in contact with her when I stumbled upon her blog The Savvy Sister.  (  With its many easy to follow health tips, written with amazing wit, I looked forward to each new post.  When it was suggested that I turn my blog into a book, I thought: Sure, a book about The Perks of Having Cancer would be interesting, but how much more valuable would it be to create a resource that addresses the needs of body, mind and spirit, following a cancer diagnosis.  So by combining our talents, we are making it our mission to show people that it is possible to live a HEALTHY and HAPPY life after cancer.  Our book will give people literally hundreds of tips to help maximize their chances of surviving cancer, avoiding a cancer reoccurrence (or avoid getting cancer in the first place).

So if you are serious about avoiding cancer, you MUST listen to this interview, by my highly esteemed co-author, Susan.  Here is the link:

(Note: The introduction is rather wordy, but just stick with it, you won’t be sorry!) 

susan pic

7 thoughts on “The Savvy Sister

  1. Thank you so much both of you. I am excited
    about your upcoming book. You helped me
    get thru my first year of breast cancer survival.
    Mat we all continue to be alive and well
    Heart hug

  2. Congratulations! I have worked for IBM from my home for the past 15 years and most of the people I work with and friends I’ve met through work are ‘virtual’ as you describe. It is amazing the bonds we can form regardless of how we connect when we are willing to be vulnerable and share our passions out loud!

  3. I think it’s incredible that through the internet, blogging, skype, etc., you’ve collaborated on a book AND found a publisher. But I shouldn’t be surprised. It was the internet that helped me find online community & support . . . why not a book deal too? Congrats! ~ Catherine

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