Psychic Predictions…..

Sometimes, in casual conversation, I will mention something about my psychic, and it usually results in a few raised eyebrows.   To me, my annual psychic reading is as normal as my annual dental check-up.  I don’t think it is weird at all.  In fact I have been going to psychics on a regular basis for 15 years, not just to get a sneak peek into my future (although that has been very  helpful) but also to help guide me on my life path.

For the past four years, I have been going to Kelliena (  The last time I spoke to her in person, was in Halifax in July, 2011, three months after I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  At that point, my treatments had not started, and I was unsure of my prognosis for survival.  When Kelliena asked if I had any questions, I frantically asked, “Do you see any sickness or death around me??!!”  She gazed over my shoulder and then looked back to me and said, “No they are rejoicing!”  (By “they” she meant my angels and spirit guides).  “Rejoicing”, I thought, “What kind of back-stabbing angels and guides did I wind up with who would rejoice at my misfortune!”   Kelliena once again gazed over my shoulder and then said, “You are going to help so many people through your journey with cancer.”

Well, that meant diddly-squat to me at that time.  I was just trying to survive one day at a time, and could not understand how MY cancer was going to help OTHER people.  I dismissed her prediction and forgot all about it.  Flash forward five months later.  My blog was taking off, and I was getting hundreds of comments and emails from my readers.  One lady, a nurse, commented: “You are going to help so many people through this blog.”  BINGO!  Kelliena’s prediction came back to me, and made perfect sense.

When Kelliena asked me to do an interview with her on A1R Radio last week, I was honored.   Here is the link, if you would like to listen:   (Note: In order to listen to the interview, first you have to STOP the live broadcast, then  scroll down to “Kelliena Psychic Readings With Kelliena, in the purple, then click on September 27 in the archives.)


4 thoughts on “Psychic Predictions…..

  1. Excellent interview– keep this up and you are on your way!!!!! By the time we get to New York they will already know you there.

  2. Boy I am one of those people whose eyebrows would rise at the psychic reading idea .. but reading this blog and knowing you – I am questioning my paradigm.

    Kathy-Sig Kathy-Sig2

  3. So glad to have come across your blog. If i had the extra money, I would have done the same thing you did. I finally asked God to help me through this part of my life, and lately everywhere I’ve turned around He’s been there in some form or another reaching out to me.

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