Bitter-Sweet Family Dinner

Sunday dinner with my family this week was a bitter-sweet experience.  The bitter part came right about clean up time.   As usual, I made a half-hearted attempt at doing the dishes, expecting at any minute that someone would shoo me away to the nearest welcoming couch.  That has pretty much been the case since I was diagnosed in April, 2011.

Chemo-Flo enjoying the Perks of Having Cancer!

However, as I began to rinse the plates, I couldn’t help but to notice that nobody was trying to stop me.  Just to make sure they knew what I was doing, I made a few loud inquiries such as, “Did anyone see the scrub brush?”  and “Are there any more dirty plates in the dining room?”.  I felt like a little kid shouting, “Look at me, I’m running with scissors!”  But to no avail.  They just stood idly by as I soaked and scrubbed.  So I have to assume that this particular perk has sadly come to an end.  The sweet thing about that is the realization that my family no longer looks at me and sees a cancer patient.  Instead they see someone whose turn it is to wash the dishes.  SWEET!

5 thoughts on “Bitter-Sweet Family Dinner

  1. Hi Florence……I don’t always comment on your perks but just wanted you to know how much I enjoy and relate to them. Glad to see that your life is getting back to normal, albeit a new normal. Enjoy your school year…..oh, and batten down for Leslie.

  2. LOL, yay – the new normal. No more free ride on the dishes but that just means you’re back to normal, very sweet. I, too, read you often but hardly ever comment even though I love your outlook. Keep ’em coming.

  3. GET IT! YAY! What a great post. I’m feeling that way too….slowly but surely. Sometimes I still go back to last summer and I’m like, “UM, hello?! Doesn’t anyone remember what happened?”

    But of course. PROGRESS and healing. 🙂

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