Going Back To Work…..And Taking Back My Life!

Today I am returning to work after a 17 month hiatus.  For the past 17 months, I have lived as a cancer patient, but now I am ready to take back MY life!  I would love to add…”and put cancer behind me”….but I really don’t think that cancer will ever truly be a thing that I can just put behind me and forget.  I fear that its shadow will always be there, lurking over my shoulder; my scars a permanent reminder of how close I came to losing my life to this merciless disease.

I have to give accolades to those who continue to work through cancer treatments.  I don’t know how you do it!  For me, having cancer was a full time job.   Just scheduling and re-scheduling my many appointments with my Family Doctor, my Oncologist, my chemo nurse, my physio-therapist, my Radiation Specialist, my Surgeon, My Naturopath, my Plastic Surgeon, and my Reiki Practitioner, was enough to employ a full time secretary.  That is not to mention the many trips to the hospital for chemotherapy sessions, radiation treatments, surgeries, and I.V. antibiotics.  When I was not hanging out at the hospital or various clinics, you could be almost sure to find me at my local pharmacy, where I was starting to feel like part of the furniture.

But thankfully, the number of appointments and prescriptions has dwindled.   So now, I can trade in my sneakers and sweats for skirts and heels; instead of scheduling medical appointments I will be scheduling counselling sessions with my dear students; and rather than seeing the familiar faces of the hospital staff, I will be greeted by the happy faces of my school staff.  Life is good today…..life is GOOD today!


15 thoughts on “Going Back To Work…..And Taking Back My Life!

    • Congrats! I had to resign my job after getting sick last year. They weren’t nice when I came back. Congrats for having a job to go back to & for healing well!

  1. “Taking back my life” — I like the sound of that! Yes, cancer will always shadow us, but it doesn’t have to define us, as you’ve proven. Enjoy every minute of your triumphant return.

  2. Hey there missus,
    What a great day! I saw you on the news – excellent interview. As always, you were articulate, open, and inspirational. So proud of you.

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