Perk # 99: A New Way To Get A Buzz On

“Hello, my name is Florence and I am a blogger.  I knew it was becoming a problem when I started to steal time away from my kids to blog.  Eventually, I just let myself go.  I found myself checking my blog stats rather than brushing my teeth.  Of course the inevitable happened.  I got a cavity.  God, I’ll never forgive myself for that.  But I just couldn’t resist the buzz.  That’s when I decided to join Bloggers Anonymous.”

O.K, it didn’t actually get to the point of having to join a 12 step program (and the jury is still out on what caused the cavity), but the truth is, I am hooked on blogging!   It gives me a buzz which I can only compare to buying new clothes or finding a great deal on potted perennials.  Blogging for me has certainly been one of the most therapeutic perks of having cancer.

You see, I am the type of person who loves to set concrete, measurable goals for myself, goals like: lose 5 pounds, run 10 kilometers, or find 100 perks of having cancer.  The closer I get to my goal, the more excited I get.  So you can just imagine my anticipation now, as I sit on the cusp of one of the greatest victories of my life!  Hey, I heard that…..some of you are questioning how writing a blog can be considered such a victory.   Not to toot my own horn, but finding 100 good things about having cancer has been no easy task.  Now that I am so close to my goal, I feel like I am nearing the end of a marathon, and I am simply HIGH on my sense of accomplishment.  So stay tuned for the much anticipated (well, much anticipated by me and my mom at least) Perk # 100, coming soon to computers near you.

Tip: Don’t let cancer stop you from setting goals for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Perk # 99: A New Way To Get A Buzz On

  1. Yay, you have lots of people cheering you on at the finish line….me included. This is not the end of you blogging journey, but just the beginning as you celebrate each new day and sometimes each new obstacle and knowing you another goal!! S-m-i-l-e 🙂 So excited for you on the brink of your 100th post!! You go girl!!!!

  2. Wonderful! Have been loving reading your “Perks” blog. It has certainly helped me get along my own road to recovery. Will actually be sad when the 100th blog comes, but hopefully you will find something new to keep us all entertained and encouraged. Thank you.

  3. I love this perk. I’m setting S.M.A.R.T. goals so I can see how far I’ve come in six months. For the uninitiated, the SMART acronym stands for “specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. We’ll see how far I get. Like others, I’m eagerly awaiting your 100th perk. Keep on blogging. It’s tops!

  4. Hi Florence
    I just want to say that it has be enlightening to be able to read your blogs! Some have caused a chuckle or two while others have nearly suffocated me while trying to hold back tears as I fought through blurry eyes to continue on reading what you had to say! Thank you for being so honest and sharing your experiences with us , your readers. I know it could not have been easy for you at times! God bless and may God always keep you so strong!

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