Perk #96: A New Look

From about 1980 to the early nineties, I wore my hair BIG as was the fashion of the day.   I figured that I would never part with my perm, but all of that changed with season one of “Friends”.  Jennifer Aniston’s square, layered style quickly became as popular as Farrah Fawcett’s flip of the seventies, and was copied by women around the world. Hey, if it was good enough for Jennifer Aniston, it was good enough for me.   I can’t help but to notice, however, that Jennifer has changed her hairstyle several times in the past two decades, whereas up until chemo, I was still sporting the “Friends” look.  Yes my friends, it is definitely time for a change, and what a great time to choose a new style since I am starting with a blank slate!  So help me out here, which DO should I do?

Do # 1

Do # 2

Do # 3

Do # 4

Do # 5

Do # 6

Tip: Why not go a little crazy and try out a completely new hair style following your cancer treatments?

18 thoughts on “Perk #96: A New Look

  1. Oh my gosh Florence, you are beautiful no matter what!! I have to say you rock in the whispy bangs in #6!! Color is nice too although you can wear the reds nicely as well. Decisions, decisions….whatever you decide, your inner radiance will shine through 🙂 Have a super weekend. Will be glad to see my girl today, nothing like Momma lovin’ 🙂

  2. i love # 2 and #3 ,,,they look awesome on you,,,but like they say ,hair or no hair you are still beautiful,,no matter what,,God Bless

  3. You look awesome in all of them but I think like a previous poster said, your inner radiance shines through! My hair is just starting to grow back and I think it is choosing it’s own”clean slate”. Haha!

  4. I vote for #4 too. But I agree, it is what makes you feel good that works best. I remember going out with a friend and looking for a wig for her to wear for the next nine months or so. When she finally found the one she loved (as did her mother and I) she wore it and then ended up cutting her real hair later in the same style. So, maybe we should all get out there and have a look for a new look. Thanks for the inspiration! as always.

  5. Florence, I love your blog it is so inspiring, witty and wise. I believe you would rock the #4 do! Take care and all the best.

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