Perk # 95: Cancer Made Me The Preferred Sister Wife

Bob with his siter wives: Florence, Juana and Sherry

I am very fortunate to have two of my sisters, Sherry and Juana, living so close by.  They were a tremendous help to me during my cancer treatments.  Myself and Juana are both single, and for a long time,  Sherry’s better half, Bob, was the only man on the scene.  So Bob shared his time equally between our three houses, in terms of doing general repairs and maintenance, putting up Christmas lights, digging snow, and other manly chores.   We fondly came to refer to ourselves as Bob’s sister-wives (I should point out that Sherry is the ONLY sister with conjugal rights.)  Since my diagnosis of cancer, I am happy to say that I get more than my share of sister-wife time with Bob.  As soon as anything needs fixing, a message is dispatched: Code red: Florence’s fridge is leaking . Send Bob STAT…….and the repair is done.

When playing sister wives, we fight over who gets to be Robyn

Tip:  It is ok to use your cancer to get stuff fixed around your house.

2 thoughts on “Perk # 95: Cancer Made Me The Preferred Sister Wife

  1. Every family (sister in law) needs a “Bob” !! Nice to see your close knit family Florence. Have a super weekend 🙂

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