Perk # 93: Cancer Introduced Me To Some New Saints

Being raised Catholic, I kinda have a thing for the saints.  From the time I said my first novena at 10 years old, me and St. Theresa have been BFF’s.  I refer to her as my multi-purpose saint, as I can call on her for any reason.  Sometimes however, it is necessary to pull out all the stops and throw in a prayer or two to the patron saint of your cause.  When my sister, Lynette, was having trouble selling her house for example, we called upon St. Joseph, the patron saint of selling houses.  Shortly thereafter, the house sold! (I’m not so sure if her Jewish husband is privy to this information.)  Any time I am traveling and the road conditions are risky, I call upon St. Christopher, patron saint of travellers to accompany me on my journey.  Even if I find myself in a situation which seems beyond hope, I can always call upon St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless causes.

It did not surprise me in the least when, following my diagnosis, fellow Catholics started lunging at me with prayer cards.  It turns out that there is not just one, but actually two patron saints of cancer: St. Peregrine and St. Michael of the Saints (to distinguish him from just plain old St. Michael).  Not wanting to pick favourites and offend anybody up there, I prayed to both of them.

A prayer is a powerful thing, sometimes so powerful that you can actually feel the energy of the words as you say it.  I found that to be the case for this prayer in particular.   Please pause for a moment and offer a prayer to St. Michael of the Saints:

We praise you, Most Holy Trinity, for having sent us St. Michael of the Saints to be our friend and intercessor in the fight against cancer.

Grant us, we pray, a humble faith that we may follow in his holy footsteps and believe without a doubt in your generous gift of healing.

With humble and childlike trust, we ask your Divine help through St. Michael of the Saints in this urgent necessity.

May this gift of bodily health bring us peace and joy which are but a foretaste of heaven, and may we be counted one day among your saints in glory.

Father, your world is ill with cancer and frightened.  We pray you ease the suffering of those afflicted, give loving hands to those who care for them, and light the way for those who seek its cure.

Merciful Father, extend your healing hand so that we may cry out: A cure, at last!

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Tip:  The most powerful prayer is a prayer of gratitude.  Give thanks for all that you have.

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