Perk # 89: Cancer Motivated Me To Drop Some Bad Habits……

Before getting cancer, I considered myself to be living a healthy-ish lifestyle.  I didn’t smoke, I exercised on a regular basis, and I even ate the occasional green salad.  But ya know, we all have our vices.  For some it is chocolate (I couldn’t be bothered); for others it’s fast food (I’d much rather cook a leisurely meal at home); for me it’s wine.  Nothing brings me more pleasure than sipping on a cold sauvignon blanc.  First my taste buds spring to life, then I feel the warm sensation as it hits my belly, followed by the  comforting feeling of wine-induced relaxation.   Ahhhhh……

 It is not my fault that I was born loving wine.  What did mom expect by giving me a name like Florence?  Obviously with a name which originated in Italy, I am genetically predispositioned to want wine with every meal.  But alas, I have learned that alcohol in any form- even red wine which can be good for your heart- is not good for cancer.   Therefore I have had to break my bad habit of having a glass of wine on a whim.   While I still do engage in the occasional libation, I make sure to limit it to just ONE glass.


Tip:  Limit your alcohol consumption.


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