Perk # 88: A Good Reason To Spend More Time In My Garden

Flo’s Garden in May

Gardening is a way of showing that you believe in tomorrow.
– Author Unknown

A few years ago, on a sunny day in June, my friend Sherry dropped by for an unexpected visit and found me in my favourite place: my garden.  As I glowed with pride, she commented on my perfectly manicured flower beds, and profusion of healthy  shrubs and trees.  “I don’t know how you manage it all!” she exclaimed.   Then she had the misfortune of coming inside for a cup of coffee and the mystery was solved.   While my flower beds were perfectly made, my beds inside were not.  I couldn’t help but notice the look of shock on her face as a dust bunny the size of a tumble weed rolled across the hardwood floor in front of her.  I could have sworn I heard the strain of old west music, and would not have been the least bit surprised had a cowboy popped out of the closet and challenged us to a shoot out. (I had seen stranger things fall out of that closet!)  In my state of embarrassment, I made a vow to myself that never again would I be caught in this situation.  I would ration my gardening hours to be used only as a reward for completing housework.  That was working out pretty good;  I could walk across my floor without sticking to it (most days), the kids had clean clothes to wear, and I rarely ran out of bread or milk. But then I got cancer.

Cancer gave me a great excuse to once again ignore the housework  and hang out in my garden.  This time however, it is totally legitimate.  You see, I no longer garden for my own selfish pleasure, or even as a means of housework avoidance.  Now gardening is therapeutic, and Horticultural Therapy happens to be a critical component to my recovery plan.   So if you happen to drop by and find my house in a mess while I am happily puttering around in my garden, feel free to throw in a load of laundry.  Hey, it’s no different than when I was on chemo!

Flo’s Laundry Room in May

Tip:  Houswork can wait!

11 thoughts on “Perk # 88: A Good Reason To Spend More Time In My Garden

  1. Beautiful garden and a great reminder. As my good friend, Cat, says, “I could vacuum but it would be such a waste of my talent!” or, healing efforts.

  2. I hear you. House work isn’ t my number one priority since I got breast cancer. I tell everyone if it bothers you, there’s a bucket and mop in the broom closet, the dirty clothes are in the hamper. Knock yourself out.

  3. Hi Florence,

    I’m just catching up on your wonderful blog. I recently spent 10 days on glorious Vancouver Island where I did the ‘Garden Trail’ – I got to cross a visit to Butchart Gardens off my bucket list. It must be what heaven looks like!

    And, I am happy to report that ‘Pink Days In Bloom’ – a Fun’raiser at garden centres this summer for breast cancer research, equipment and programs is ‘growing wild’! CBCF-Atlantic has adopted it as their signature summer fundraiser, and it will be promoted in earnest in Atlantic Canada next year with the help of Canada Gardens Association representing some 450 garden centres across the country, using the Newfoundland success as a model! Whoo hoo!

    Here in Newfoundland this summer, Pink Days in Bloom is happening at: Dean’s Flower Shop and Greenhouses, Botwood; Glendale Gardens, Mount Pearl; Pat’s Plants and Gardens, Bay Bulls (2nd Annual Pink Weekend); Shand Nurseries, Pouch Cove; O’Neill’s Gardenland, Spaniards Bay; Hickey’s Plaisance Gardens, Dunville; and Hickey’s Greenhouses, Kelligrews. Anyone wishing to host a Pink Days In Bloom, can contact me! The more, the merrier! And, it all began from a love of gardens and gardening….

    Even my co-workers of 29 years at Metrobus Transit, including Transit Operators, will be wearing pink on the job and at the wheel next Friday, June 22nd in support, to raise awareness and help to promote the PinK Days In Bloom Fun’raisers that are happening over the next couple of months! So, if you see your city bus drivers wearing pink, give ’em a wink. A wink of approval!

    Wishing you and yours a beautiful weekend in the garden,


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