Inspiration Saturday

Think about a rabbit who escapes capture from a fox.   It shows all the signs of the “fight or flight response”:  it’s eyes are popped out, it’s breathing is quick and shallow, and it’s heart is pounding.   But soon it calms down and goes about the work of being a rabbit.

We too experience the fight or flight response when we are stressed.  Our breathing is quick and shallow, our legs may be shakey, and our hearts pound.  But unlike the rabbit, often we don’t let it go once the stressful event has passed.  Instead, we perpetuate the feeling by reliving the stressful event over and over in our minds.  The rabbit does not go to sleep at night thinking: “Geeze, I almost had it today!  I could have died.  What if that fox had caught me?”  Nor does the rabbit wake up thinking, “I don’t think I’m going out of this hole today, that fox might chase me again.  That mean old fox could be lurking anywhere.”

For those of us who have experienced cancer, cancer is the fox, and we are the rabbit.  However, unlike a rabbit, too often we re-live that stressful time over and over in our minds, living in the past  (“I could have died.” ) or worried about the future (“What if the cancer is still lurking somewhere in my body?”)  If we are to experience peace, we must strive to be like the rabbit, and just BE in the present.


11 thoughts on “Inspiration Saturday

  1. This is a great reminder to do many who allow themselves to get stressed about things that should not be stressful. Your positive attitude about your real and life changing stressors should be an inspiration to those whose biggest worry is too many task for too little time. Being in the moment is critical and it requires the patience to have gratitude in all things. Your posts are very helpful and very instructive.

  2. I love this quote!
    It takes a lot of effort in the beginning if you’re not used to being “in the moment”. It’s actually hard at first…like being thrown into the deep end. You just need to stop thrashing and just float.

  3. Would you believe that as I sat down to catch up on your blog, I looked out the window and spotted a rabbit running (hopping?) through my backyard? I have seen a couple of them in my yard – they are not frequent visitors. But there he was darting into the woods. And then I opened your blog. How appropriate!

    I would love to learn to live more in the present and quit being such a worrier. I worry way too much – so much that other people tell me to cut it out. It’s a bad habit that I really need to work on changing this year.

  4. Well Jen, I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence, so that rabbit was a sign for you! If I may recommend a book: anything by Thich Nhat Hanh. He is all about mindfullness and living in the present moment.

  5. Cancer was also my gift. I was a worrier, workaholic, blamer,and pretty much looked at the glass half empty. I have learned to have no worry and no guilt, (useless emotions). I have awakened through many readings and meditation to being in the “now” and it saved my life. Is it possible that the lack of love and inner awareness of “who we really are and why we are here” is the cause of this disease?
    Dis-Ease, the lack of ease. So many people are sick and suffering and I want to help as I am sure all of you do. Find love and peace and practice giving it to yourself, that is most important. Only what we give to ourselves can we give to others. Namaste. Mary

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