Perk # 84: Eat Pray Love

Elizabeth Gilbert was on to something when she wrote the bestselling book “Eat, Pray, Love”.  Since getting cancer, I have more fully and consciously embraced these three things, and ironically, I’ve never experienced a stronger feeling of well being in my life!

Eat: I can hardly believe that in Perk #18 I wrote about eating a smorgasboard of Halloween treats.   Since I got serious about my cancer fighting diet in January, not even a piece of gum will sneak past my lips unless it is sugar free.  Apparently, cancer LOVES sugar, and I have no intention of feeding the enemy. My diet is now mainly plant based, with lots of “living foods” like sprouts and fresh spinach.  While I still eat some meat, I am just a pork chop away from being a vegetarian, folks.

Pray: Since being diagnosed with cancer, I have made prayer and meditation a focus of each day.   This is not just based on “blind faith”, but also on scientific evidence which proves the power of prayer and meditation in promoting good health and overall well being.  I recently discovered the work of Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of several well known books.  I love this guy, not just his work, I mean I LOVE this man!  Dr. Siegel strongly advocates meditation for cancer patients, saying, “I know of no other single activity that by itself can produce such great improvement in the quality of life.” (Love, Medicine and Miracles).  Works for me!

Love:  AAAhhhh love.  The first thing that probably comes to mind is the butterflies and rainbows feeling of falling in love.   I was very fortunate to experience that at about the same time that I was diagnosed with cancer.  What a wonderful gift!   But through my cancer journey, I came to discover that the true gift of love is only possible if you first love yourself.   If you are harbouring any resentment or ill feeling, especially towards yourself, forgive and let it go.  Allow yourself to experience the healing vibration of love.  Dr. Siegel sees a strong relationship between surviving cancer and the degree to which you can love yourself and be open to receiving love.  (Don’t ya just love him?)

Tip:  Eat, Pray and Love your way to a healthy and happy life.


8 thoughts on “Perk # 84: Eat Pray Love

  1. Yes, yes and yes! Although a little indulgence now and then is acceptable, whatever that may be. Having a balance of yin and yang energies is the best way to go. Have you read “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani? Amazing story of how this lady passed over, left her body full of tumours and then came back and started the healing process. I thoroughly recommend this book.

  2. I am sure it is no coincidence that this just this morning, me and my mom were discussing that book. I looked for it in a bookstore but it was sold out. Your comment is yet another sign that I need to read it. I saw her on a PBS special with Wayne Dyer.

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