2 thoughts on “Inspiration Saturday

  1. Today I found four baby chicks on the beach in the lake district in the uk. How odd I thought, the chicks were about three days old but no mother duck in site. As I stood and watched the seagulls up above swoop as they hoovered over the vulnerable chicks, who waddled slowly as the birds watched their prey. After twenty minutes it was obvious the chicks were alone and would soon be eaten by the vultures above. It was lovely to see your inspirational posting today florence.

    I continue to follow and not a day goes by that your not in my thoughts. I quite agree our prime purpose is to help overs and if possible not hurt them. With that in mind I bundled the chicks gently into a small sand bucket and took them to a place of safety. A lady near by in the village took them off me and informed me that she would take care of them until they were stronger enough to survive on their own. The lady was well known in the village and often takes in new baby chicks when they have been found abandoned. Your picture of the dog and pup reminded me of the baby chicks. Take care Florence and love to all. A big cuddle to Ben x

    • Thanks for sharing that story, Cath. Me and Ben were walking on the beach today and I saw two ducks. It seemed that they had made a nest nearby and were trying to lure us away from it. I actually wondered what I would do if I found abandoned ducklings. I must have been reading your thoughts:)

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