Perk # 82: I Have Been Published

April 16th Edition, Woman's World

I have always enjoyed writing, and one of the top things on my bucket list has been to be published.   “Thanks” to cancer, I can now scratch that off my list.

In January, on a return flight from Florida, I picked up a copy of Woman’s World magazine to pass the time.  I immediately skipped forward to my favourite section of the magazine, “My Guardian Angel”, in which readers share their stories about experiences with angels.  “Hey,”  I thought, “I have a story  to share.”  (See Perk # 46: )  So I jotted down some notes, sent them off to the editor, and lo and behold I am now published in a magazine with a circulation of more than 1.7 million!

My story tells of how throughout my cancer journey, my angels have made their presence known through the symbol of a butterfly.   Now my story has a sequel.  It happened at the Skills for Healing breast cancer retreat which I attended last weekend.   We were on our lunch break on Saturday, and since it was such a beautiful day, Shawn and I took a walk by the lake, stopping along the way to take pictures.  We were soon joined by a lady from our group, Faye, who offered to take our picture.

Photo by Faye

As we were chatting, Faye pointed to a butterfly in the distance.  It is unusual to see a butterfly this early in the spring in Eastern Canada, so this sight was a rare treat to behold.  I thought, “Come join me”, as I held out my hand.  The butterfly then changed direction and pitched right on my hand!   Faye, Shawn and I continued to chat quietly, so as not to disturb this peaceful presence.  It stayed there for about a minute, and I proceeded to tell Faye how I interpreted this as a message that my angels are around me.

The thing with talking about your angels is that for some people, you may as well be talking about visitors from outer space.  They just think you are coo-coo!  I wasn’t sure how Faye took my comment until the next morning at our healing circle group.  It was then that she shared her beautiful story of a near death experience in which she was visited by six angels.  In that moment I knew that the butterfly was not just for me.  It was also a sign to Faye that her angels are watching over her, just as they watch over each of us.

Tip:  Be open to the loving presence of your guardian angels.

8 thoughts on “Perk # 82: I Have Been Published

  1. I just had to get in touch with you after reading your article in Woman’s World. I am so excited I can hardly type. But I am a Stage Four colon cancer survivor – my website is 6 years ago I was given 2 months to live and all throughout my journey butterflies would come to me as well. Not just blue one’s but all sorts and like you in cards, live ones, people brought them, I would sit beside them. Before I even knew I had cancer my favorite book was called “Hope for the Flowers” by Trina Paulus. I gave this book to friends when they were stricken with cancer – not knowing that the butterfly would come to me when I needed it most. All throughout my cancer I knew I would be okay if a butterfly came to me in all different ways. It continues even now whenever I get concerned about my cancer coming back a butterfly will come into my life and I will breath a sigh of relief. My very last day of radiation my husband and I had saved this little cafe in Kelowna, B.C. as somewhat of a celebration place to go (never having been there before). We walked in and I sat down at the table and there on the table was a quote from “Hope for the Flowers” as well as a table full of butterflies painted all over the table. I have got so many amazing stories about butterflies and my cancer. My email address is Would love to hear from you.

  2. My story tells of how throughout my cancer journey, my angels have made their presence known through the symbol of a butterfly…..
    First of all… I have to say congratulations on the published article. THAT is awesome…… Second of all….. BUTTERFLIES…… Wow……. It all started when my nana died exactly one month before I stepped into the imaging maze. She was 94, sharp as a tack and I was heartbroken. The wake was on my wedding anniversary. My husband bought me a gift and it was wrapped by the jeweler. They had a beautiful burgundy and gold butterfly to adorn the box. I carefully removed the butterfly and put it with my purse. When I got to the funeral home, I put the butterfly beside my nana. She was buried with the butterfly. Four weeks later, butterflies ALL around me….. I am misty eyed as I’m reading your post and now, thinking about my own experience with butterflies… Today, TODAY….. I saw two butterflies at two different places in under an hour. The second one? I was in my car waiting for my daughter who was running an errand…..The butterfly danced back and forth and all around me for about three minutes. I have my oncology follow up on Tuesday. My angels…. my dad and my nana especially, are reminding me they have my back…. I know this sounds weird to many… but I KNOW it….
    OK.. now that I’ve written a blog as a comment….. I just wanted to share my excitement with someone else whose life is touched by butterflies…..


  3. You have a great photographer…Nice Picture! and yes I am so happy that I was there to witness that butterfly landing on it…it did seem unusual to me the butterfly stayed as long as it did…it was like leaving you a message…it was a beautiful moment and I’m happy I was there to share it with the two of you…xo Cansurvivor Faye p.s..Cant wait to pick up the magazine, GO GIRL!!!!

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