Perk # 73: Cancer Gave Me Something To Hope For

By modern day definition, hope means to wish for something, without the certainty that it will be fulfilled.  It is an unsure optimism. The bible however, gives a different meaning to the word hope.  In biblical terms, hope is an indication of certainty; a strong and confident expectation.  It is not just wishful thinking, it is a sure belief that what you hope for will come to pass.

I throw around the word “hope” on a daily basis, in the modern sense of the word:  I hope it doesn’t rain; I hope the stain comes out of my new dress; I hope I get a refund on my taxes.  All of these are things which I desire to happen, but I have no confident expectation that they will happen.  If these wishes do not come true, it’s really no big deal.  Hoping for life on that other hand, well that’s a different matter.  It is here that I employ the biblical definition of the word hope.

Jesus said, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”  (Matthew 11:24)  In this quote, Jesus assures us that when we have faith, and truly believe that we will receive, our prayers are certain to be answered.  The power of prayer then, lies not in the asking, but in the belief that what you ask for will be granted.  That is hope.  In that sense, cancer gave me something to really hope for.  I do not “wish” for a full recovery, I “hope”, with certainty that my prayers will be answered.

Tip:  “Refusal to hope is nothing more than a decision to die.” (Bernie Siegel, M.D.)




9 thoughts on “Perk # 73: Cancer Gave Me Something To Hope For

  1. I hope I truly hope for you and for all ladies that are going through this, that we will survive and go on to live wonderful fulfilling and happy lives.

  2. The biblical “hope” has much more appeal. It is more comforting and reassuring. Prayers can’t be answered unless they are prayed 🙂 There is indeed hope Flo!

  3. Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, and sings the tune–without the words, and never stops at all,~Emily Dickinson~ A good reminder as to why it is important to always remain hopeful. Great post!

  4. I was thinking exactly what Lynette wrote — this is your BEST post yet. I have been doing some soul searching regarding my own faith. Your post made me realize that I need to work a little more on my own spiritual growth so that I can have more hope in my life. Thank you!

    • I am so glad you it resonated with you, Jennifer. Dr. Bernie Siegel’s book, “Love, Medicine and Miracles” made a big difference in how I view my cancer. His words gave me lots of HOPE. The body has an incredible power to heal itself, but we must do the work…..both physical and emotional, to create an environment in our bodies where cancer cannot survive. Love to you!

  5. Absolutely a wonderful and inspiring post. It certainly reinforces the power of prayer (and the need for hope and faith that it will happen) in our daily lives.

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