Perk # 65: Hundreds Of Dollars Saved in Hair Care


Flo: Self Portrait

They say be careful what you wish for.  Lesson learned!  Just a couple of weeks ago I was wishing my hair would grow in faster.  I meant the hair ON MY HEAD, not my chin.   I looked in the mirror this morning and thought I saw a bald dude looking back at me.   So I figure, one of the perks of having cancer is that I saved hundreds of dollars in hair care over the past 6 months.   Technically speaking  I have saved myself enough money to buy that new No-No hair removal gadget I saw on the shopping channel.   Non-technically speaking, the money is not actually “saved”, but let’s not split hairs, shall we?

Tip:  An average North American woman spends about $100 a month on hair care and hair removal (O.K, I made that stat up.  It is actually what I spend).  Calculate how much you saved due to chemo and treat yourself to something new.

4 thoughts on “Perk # 65: Hundreds Of Dollars Saved in Hair Care

  1. I go to Lemoynes on Duckworth and it is less than half that. I go back and get my roots done six times after I get the first session completed and it’s only 36 dollars. Cuts are cheap and the new hairstylists are lovely. The teachers check the color and the cut. You should try it when you have to pay! When my sisters’ hair came back it was curly and a different color. It was gorgeous!

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