Perk # 59: Say Good-Bye To Grey Hairs

Well, here it is two months post-chemo and still no sign of hair. My family and friends keep saying, “Oh, it looks like it is starting to grow in.” Truth is, they are just being nice and I am still as bald as an egg. To add insult to injury, my partner, Shawn, is blessed with a head of thick, dark, wavy hair (he claims it is his Head and Shoulders shampoo). Maybe if he had thinning hair like most self-respecting middle aged men, I wouldn’t feel so much like Mrs. Kojak!  However, having a mane to manage is not all that it is cracked up to be. While Shawn was doing his man-grooming recently, he said, “OMG! Darlin’ is that a grey hair in my sideburn? Pluck it out please before they spread!” I quickly retorted, “Well, plucking my own grey hairs is one less thing I have to worry about.” May as well look on the bright side!

Tip: Believe it or not, being bald has its own perks. Not having to pluck or color your grey hairs is one of them.


7 thoughts on “Perk # 59: Say Good-Bye To Grey Hairs

  1. Tell me about it… My husband has a full head of hair. I asked him early on if he would shave it as a sign of solidarity. No way! So much for 22 years of marriage. haha!

    I think about all the $$$$ I have saved on haircuts and color. It is a LOT. Then again, I think about all the money I have spent on medical deductibles, etc. It is a lot more. Oh well…

    Hang in there, Flo. It will grow back. I know how you feel though. I am very impatient about mine growing back. I am so over the scarf and wig phase. I think I may have a little bonfire this summer to burn it all when I’m done. You should join me! 🙂

  2. Hello Ladies,

    Funny, Flo. I was going to email you earlier this week with a perk – not having to wax your upper lip or shape your eyebrows! To tell you the truth, I finished chemo in September 2010, and I am still mourning the loss of my hair. Before I would visit the salon just about every week to have it styled and every 4 weeks for a colour. It is coming back, albeit tres slowly on the crown of my head and it is difficult yet to create any ‘style’ at all… I look like one of those circus clowns bald on top with a ring of hair! Alas, I am still wearing my wig in public, BUT I am not worrying about my upper lip these days!!!! Haha

    Wishing you a weekend filled with special, happy moments,

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  3. My hair grew back white….but it darkened up to a nice gray. I debated keeping it gray but ended up dyeing it 6 months after I finished treatments. My hubby went for a haircut while I was picking up groceries very early on in my treatments. When he came back he was bald….I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But I was touched by his gesture. It was rough going through it all but it all seems just a distant memory now. I finished rads in June….and just got acall for my Diep reconstruction on the 16th of Feb. Kinda nervous but excited, too….especially with the perk of a tummy tuck as a result of the procedure. Hang in there, Florence… will soon be all in the past.

  4. This is hysterical and I am reminded of something that was said by Brett Favre’s wife when she was in treatment. She was PISSED off….. Her reason…. she lost every stitch of hair on her body….. except her legs. I remember reading a very witty comment about the one thing she would be thankful for….. and she was still shaving her legs… Cracked me up!

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